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The genius of our time and the father of 6 children: how does Elon Musk live and why does everyone talk about him


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The current year turned out to be eventful for Elon Musk and the whole world is talking about him again. What you need to know about the genius of our time - says Eva.

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Elon Musk is able to surprise: last week his company SpaceX launched a commercial spacecraft. And in May, his sixth (!) Child was born!

Fans of the Marvel science fiction films about Iron Man probably know that it was Musk who became the real prototype of the hero Tony Stark. A shocking billionaire with a photographic memory and a thirst for exact sciences has become the protagonist of our time. But who is he and why is everyone talking about him?

The news of the birth of a child in an extraordinary family of American inventor Ilon Mask and Canadian singer Grimes excited the whole world. The engineer became the father for the sixth time, and for the sixth time the father of his son. But the 32-year-old artist, born Claire Alice Boucher, who officially changed her name to Sea Bush, but acting under the pseudonym Grimes, became the first mother.

The shocking lovers named their child in a very nontrivial way - X Æ A - 12 Musk. Moreover, both parents will call a boy born on May 4, 2020 by the pronoun "it", arguing that only in this way the child will have the right to choose who he is - a man or a woman.

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48-year-old successful entrepreneur, inventor and engineer, who earned his first money in 12 years. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is estimated at more than $ 22,5 billion. And in 2018, for his services to science, Ilon was awarded membership in the Royal Society of London.

Also Musk is:

  • co-founder of PayPal;
  • founder, co-owner, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX;
  • Tesla CEO and ideological inspiration;
  • former member of the board of directors of SolarCity, founded by his cousins, before merging with Tesla.

Musk is passionate about incredible ideas, he spends millions on the development of technology and collaborates with NASA to help them explore space, because the businessman is sure that sooner or later humanity will destroy the Earth. To save people as a kind of Musk invests a lot of effort and money in the development of science.

“It took millions of years to develop humanity, but over the past sixty years, atomic weapons have created the potential for self-destruction. Sooner or later, our life will have to go beyond this blue-green ball - or we will die out, ”he once said.

So, under the influence of these ideas, his third company SpaceX appeared, which is a private developer of a series of launch vehicles and a commercial operator of space systems.

In addition to science fiction, the inventor has a weakness for airplanes. He owned a Czechoslovak-made Aero L-39 Albatros, then purchased a Dassault Falcon 900 jet from the film “They Smoke Here,” and also bought a Wet Nellie submarine from the James Bond movie 997, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” at an auction for 1977 thousand dollars. ".

Ilon became a participant in the flights of the Zero Gravity project, which only confirms his passion for space and the beginning of active preparation of the body for a possible interplanetary flight.


Ilon was born into the family of an engineer and model, who soon divorced. Mask has younger brothers and a sister. After the divorce, the boy remained with his mother, but soon moved to his father. Errol Musk is a man with a complex character, but he managed to teach his sons a lot, including working with his hands.

Already at the age of 10, Ilon received the first computer as a gift and started programming. With a photographic memory and the absence of peer friends, it was not difficult for Mask to sell his first program, a video game, at $ 12 already.

Then a completely young Ilon begins to track the shares of a pharmaceutical company through newspapers and invests his first capital in it.

Having gained several thousand dollars from the sale of shares, he goes to study in Canada. There he meets his first wife, Justin Wilson. After several years of romance, in 2000 the couple got married and they had five children. In 2008, Ilon announced a divorce.

In 1995, having received a bachelor's degree in economics and a bachelor of physics, he entered Stanford University to earn a degree in applied physics and materials science.

However, he stayed as a student for only a couple of days and decided to work on his ideas in the IT field. And then the Internet boom had just begun, and Musk's instinct told him that now it would be time to start studying and seriously engage in business.


In 1996-97, Musk and his brother founded the company Zip2, specializing in software for news companies. In 1999, he became one of the founders of In 2000, and Confinity merged. As a result, companies engaged in the provision of personal electronic money transfers were called PayPal.

In 2002, Ilon founded his third company, the aforementioned SpaceX, which develops a series of launch vehicles and is a commercial operator of space systems.

Since 2003, he has been CEO of Tesla, an American manufacturer of electric vehicles and electric energy storage solutions. Since 2006, oversees Tesla's subsidiary, SolarCity.

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From 2015 to 2018, he was active in the non-profit research company OpenAI, engaged in artificial intelligence. Neuralink became another offspring of Ilona, ​​dedicated to the development and production of implantable neurocomputer interfaces.

In 2016, he founded the construction company The Boring Company, which is engaged in infrastructure and tunneling. The company was created by Ilon to build tracks for high-speed cars of the future.

In 2008, the Mask was recognized as one of the 75 most influential people of the 2011st century, in 20 he was awarded the Heinlein Prize for achievements in the commercialization of space. In the same year, Forbes included Ilona in the list of 40 most influential American managers under the age of XNUMX.

Women mask

Justin Ilon sought his first wife for a long time, and in the end she drew attention to him. In 2002, a son was born in their family who died of sudden infant death syndrome at 10 weeks. Ilon was very upset by what had happened.

Justin Musk. Photo: Shutterstock

In 2004, with the help of IVF, his wife gave birth to his two sons Griffin and Damian, and in 2006 triplets Xavier, Saxon and Kaya were also born. Musk loves children and tries to spend as much time as possible with them. Five boys live four days a week with him, and only three with his mother, with whom the businessman has an excellent relationship.

After the divorce, Ilon began a relationship with British actress Talula Riley, with whom she divorced two years later, and then married her again a year later. Three years later, in 2016, the couple still broke up.

The businessman had a relationship with Amberd Heard, with whom he (rumored) continued the affair even after her wedding with Johnny Depp. Since 2018, she has been married to Canadian singer Grimes. Ilon doesn’t really hide his personal life from the public, it seems that he is even flattered by publicity, but only these women are known for certain in the life of an engineer.

“I can allocate 5-10 hours a week for a woman ... 10 hours of attention - is this normal?” Musk once said in response to a journalist’s question about his personal life.

He is engaged in the creation of artificial intelligence of a superhuman level. As well as a high-speed transport system, the design of spaceships that will help one day realize his dream and equip a colony somewhere on Mars.

The recognized genius of our time, Ilon Max is characterized by incredible hard work, critical thinking and accurate analysis of events.

Ilon is a very versatile person, he tries to be a philanthropist (though he doesn’t always succeed as he would like), acts in films, voices cartoons and earns millions of dollars by broadcasting the latest technologies into the world, the creation of which he is usually encouraged by a living mind and imagination Excited by a fascinating science fiction book.

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