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Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie to become parents for the first time


Source: Gossip

The stars of Game of Thrones, 33-year-old wife Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, will soon become parents for the first time, writes "Gossip".

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Rose's pregnancy became known after the publication of frames from a new photo shoot with the actress for the British magazine Make Magazine.

“Not everyone will be able to look so stylish in a Stella McCartney silk outfit and take part in a fashion shoot while pregnant, but Rose showed no signs of fatigue in our exclusive fashion shoot for the latest issue of Make,” says Instagram caption (click to see!).

Keith and Rose met on the set of the series, and for the first time they started talking about the romance between the actors in 2012, when the press got pictures of their colleagues holding hands while walking.

Although they never confirmed they were dating, an anonymous source told The Stir in August 2013 that the actors had split up. The following year, Us Weekly reported that Harington and Leslie had resumed their relationship, although Harington himself identified himself as a bachelor in an interview with British GQ, which was published in January 2015.

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However, in April 2016, Keith and Rose made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Olivier Awards. Harington later also told Vogue Italia that he fell in love with his colleague while filming in Iceland.

In September 2017, it became known about the engagement of the actors, and Keith and Rose got married in June 2018 in Scotland.

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