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Stars and eco-materials: how to decorate a Christmas tree for the Year of the Ox so that 2021 is successful


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Attracting the favor of the patron of 2021 will work if you take into account his preferences. For the New Year holidays, it is important to choose the right decorations, and success will not keep you waiting, writes Daily horo.

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Decorating New Year's trees is an ancient tradition that not only helps to feel the coming holidays, but also makes it possible to start a change for the better. We share decor ideas, which in the year of the White Metal Ox will be helpers to attract the necessary benefits.

Christmas toys to attract good luck in 2021

Decorating a Christmas tree for the Year of the Ox is best with those decorations that are associated with nature. This time, good luck will be brought by Christmas balls with patterns inspired by summer time. Glass products with a clover image will do, as well as just green balls.

You can decorate a spruce or pine tree with real cones, decorated with white and silver sparkles. These decorations will attract the attention of the capricious Fortune.

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Those who decide to purchase a figurine of a bull and put it under the festive tree will not be left without luck. You should place a beautiful saucer with treats next to the figurine to appease the new patron and get his support.

Jewelry to attract love in the Year of the Ox

It will turn out to attract love into life, find harmony and harmony in the family and not be left alone if you decorate the spruce tree with snowflakes cut out of white paper. They will symbolize ease in relationships and contribute to gaining mutual understanding.

Paired jewelry will help to attract love, but in the year of the Ox it is worth using not doves or red hearts, but identical balls of light shades located next to each other.

Wooden toys, which you can make yourself or buy in the store, will also help cope with loneliness. For example, paired bells, bows, or hearts. It is best to opt for unpainted products - natural natural material will become a conductor for light feelings much faster.

Toys that could raise finance in 2021

It's no secret that finances are attracted by similar ones, so you can hang a green bill on a spruce, but only one. The bull loves modest people who do not boast of their financial situation.

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Money and blue balls will attract, but without sparkles and other decorations. Deep saturated color will become a symbol of material well-being.

A bright white, milky color or a silver star will help you become more successful and not miss the opportunity to earn money. It can be placed both on the top of the tree and on the upper branches. Those who want to say goodbye to financial difficulties should put a note inside the toy with wishes that will certainly come true if there is no self-interest in them.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a wonderful ceremony that unites all family members. It unites, gives complete mutual understanding, allows the energy of well-being to flow in space.

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