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Star telethon has collected $ 14,5 million for hurricane victims in the US


Source: People

September 12 held a telethon around the country hand in handIn which participated an unprecedented number of American celebrities. The event allowed to collect more 14,5 millionthat will be sent to the regions affected by the recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, reports People.


The marathon was attended by people whom the whole world knows - from music stars to television and movie stars. The broadcasts were from Los Angeles, New York and Nashville, actors and musicians talked to callers and helped raise funds for charitable foundations involved in the recovery after the hurricanes Harvey and Irma. According to New York Times Hurricanes took the lives of 85 people in Texas and Florida and caused tremendous damage.


Oprah, Cher, Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and other actors told real stories of hurricane victims. Also performed Beyonce, Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez and Will Smith.

Matthew McConaughey spoke live from San Antonio: “Don't lose hope, we can't get tired of good deeds. Let's do it so that people can live on, ”said the actor.

Familiar persons participating in the hotline: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Gwen Stefani, Dennis Quaid, Kerry Washington, Justin Timberlake, Rita Wilson.

Stevie Wonder shot a clip with participation Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Fox.

Closed the show Billy Crystal, saying, "This is America ... bringing people together from all over the country."

The marathon was broadcast throughout the United States by major broadcasting networks - ABC, Bravo, CBS, E !, Fox and NBC, as well as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Apple.

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