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Star party in the Bahamas: Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite rest together with families


Source: Leadtior

Philip Kirkorov and his family went on vacation and actively pleases subscribers with content from the paradise islands, writes Leadtior.

Photo Shoot: fkirkorov / Instagram

The famous singer Philip Kirkorov and his children are now resting in the USA. Christina Orbakaite with her husband and daughter Klavdia is also there. Both families traditionally travel to America in winter and travel around the country. Moreover, from time to time they meet and rest together.

For example, the families of Philip and Christina recently decided to visit the Bahamas. There, children and adults were able to communicate with funny pigs. The artists actively shared videos of how this happened on Instagram Stories.

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By the way, a little later, Philip Kirkorov decided to publish a separate video in his account, which tells even more about the trip.

"The pigs bask in some water on the Cote d'Azur ... And in Kotelniki, in the kitchen, I cook pea soup",

“Well, this is definitely the best travel blog, I am satisfied. I wonder what is the next stop in the conquest of unexplored places? "

“Philip, what a positive person you are! The charge of energy through the display and rushing. Thank you for the bright colors and superb mood ",

"Dad is more emotional than children, you probably won't surprise children with pigs,"

"How great"

“A fun ride,” the fans comment.

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Recall that Philip Kirkorov has two children growing up: son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria. The first one is now 8 years old, and the second one is 9. Kristina Orbakaite is a mother of many children. She has two adult sons who have long lived separately from her. But with Christina her eight-year-old daughter Claudia travels. The girl's father is the artist's current husband, businessman Mikhail Zemtsov.

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