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Toothbrushes and 10 more things that should not be stored in the bathroom


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Did you know that some items specifically designed for use in the bathroom should not be stored there? Delfi Dekor lists them and explains why they should not be kept in the bathroom.

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Do not store medicines in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Medications and vitamins should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, and keeping them in a bathroom that is humid and warmer can cause them to go bad before their expiration date.


The bathrooms are ideal for propagating mold and mildew, and your towels are easily susceptible to them. It is recommended that you keep one towel that you currently use in the bathroom and change it once a week. Do not forget to hang a wet towel on the heated towel rail. And if your bathroom has an exhaust fan, it will help to quickly dry the room and a damp towel.


Another ironic tip: don't store bathrobes in the bathroom. Like towels, they can harbor bacteria, and moisture can give them a musty smell. Let them dry not on the hook in the bathroom, but in another place.

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Some people keep different reading materials in the shared bathroom. But books and magazines that are stored in the bathroom will absorb moisture, causing their pages to wrinkle and the binding to deteriorate.


Jewelery boxes are usually kept on chests of drawers not only for prestige, but for good reason: Moisture can cause jewelry to tarnish faster than usual, especially when it comes to silver. Store your jewelry in a dry and cool place. Best of all - in a sealed box.


Yes it's true. A 2012 study from the University of Manchester found that your toothbrush can contain over 10 million bacteria, some of which comes from the faeces that are sprayed in the bathroom every time you flush the toilet. To keep your brush as clean as possible, rinse and dry it after each use. And if you still want to store it in the bathroom, then before flushing the toilet, close it with a lid.

Decorative cosmetics

If you leave decorative cosmetics in the bathroom, they are exposed to higher temperatures and moisture, which encourages bacteria and fungus to thrive in them. Like toothbrushes, makeup brushes stored in the bathroom can be contaminated with faeces. Do you want to touch your face with them?


Heat and perfume are simply not compatible. According to experts, temperature fluctuations can destroy the molecular integrity of your perfumes and speed up their evaporation.

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Nail polish

Most nail polish lasts about two years, but if you store these bottles in the bathroom, the varnish can deteriorate faster - exfoliate or become too thick. The reason is heat and humidity.

Razor blades

Keeping a razor that you use all the time in the bathroom is fine, but spare blades for it should be stored outside the bathroom. Otherwise, moisture can cause them to rust or dull before you even use them. And drying your razor after each shave will help keep it more efficient for longer.

Waterproof electronics

We love to sing in the shower, but humidity can cause serious harm to your phone. If you can’t take a shower in silence, buy a special radio (yes, they still exist) or a waterproof speaker.

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