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Golden youth: how to raise children in royal families


A source: Forbes

Every child born in the royal family will observe the protocol all his life. And each monarchy follows its own rules.


Today in the world there are several dozen royal dynasties. Each individual royal family has its own particular upbringing of children. What traditions have to follow the heirs - says Forbes.

United Kingdom

In honor of the birth of a child in the royal family, 62 gun salvo from cannons at Tower Bridge and 41 volley from cannons at Buckingham Palace are given. He is given several nannies of various nationalities so that he can learn several languages ​​from infancy. Instead of a surname, the child has a title indicating a county. Girls under seven years old wear only dresses, and boys wear shorts and no pants.

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At one time, Queen Victoria (1837-1901), being the mother of nine children, gave them up for governess, and talked with them about an hour a day. But Great Britain is trying to keep up with the times, gradually adjusting traditions to modern realities. Princess Diana was not afraid to show emotions towards her children and devoted much time to their education. Prince William was restless, for which she jokingly nicknamed him "Your royal disobedience."

Regardless of age, every member of the royal family must be present at the queen's birthday party, the whole family welcomes the crowd on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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By law, the throne goes to the firstborn - regardless of his gender.

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From an early age, royal offspring joined the sport. For example, family members of the current king of Belgium Philip are keen on alpine skiing. The king himself once graduated from regular school without any privileges - the royal family of Belgium is trying to keep closer to the people. Special attention in the education of children is given to foreign languages ​​- potential heirs to the throne must learn French and English without fail.


As in Belgium, the firstborn born to the king is the heir to the throne, regardless of his gender. Such a rule is enshrined in law from the 1980 year, until then only boys had the right to ascend the throne.

The little prince or princess will not live in a palace with pink curtains, like heroes of fairy tales. Children of Victoria's crown princesses get acquainted with social problems from an early age, visit shelters and children's homes.


In the Japanese imperial family, all 18 people, 14 of them women. It is the most ancient monarchy on Earth and exists for 2678 years.

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Members of the imperial family have no family name. According to tradition, the child should live separately from the parents, but Narukhito's father (the current emperor) and his wife decided to raise the boy themselves at home. When his mother, Empress Michiko, was to leave for the United States on an official visit, she asked her husband to embrace the child at least once a day.


Children from the royal family of Jordan do not live under the protocol.

According to the current Queen Rania, the heirs to the throne should be raised as the most ordinary children. They can easily help parents cook dinner and discuss Harry Potter with them.


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