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Zodiac and glory: as a sign destroyed the career of stars


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Becoming a celebrity is not easy. And those who have achieved fame usually make a lot of effort to stay on the crest of a wave. Sometimes these efforts can be reduced to zero by the “inappropriate” zodiac sign under which the person was born.

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Cancer - an emotional and freedom-loving sign that loves to spend money and any rules, notes Rambler. For him, the fields of activity that require contact with the public and with the opportunity to feel their own importance are favorable.

Very often, Cancers do not understand what they really want from life, embark on all serious things, including alcohol and drugs, and wonder why their careers suddenly went downhill.

Lindsay Lohan a large number of roles allowed to live in a big way, and the restrictions, and any, not in the nature of Cancer. Alcohol and drugs only warmed up the situation. Lindsay took loans from the bank and did not return them. Frequent stays in rehabilitation centers and financial assistance from friends did not change the situation - the “star” of the actress went out.

Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (pseudonym Decl) made a name for himself thanks to his father's financial investments. Cancer according to the horoscope quickly "fell ill" with star fever with all that it implies: spree, alcohol, drugs. A quarrel with his father deprived him of cash injections, and his career quickly came to naught.

Another bad sign for celebrity careers Gemini, a distinctive feature of which is inconstancy. Fantasies and reality mix in their heads, preventing them from deciding what they want to do. They tend to live in the past, regret missed opportunities.

A prominent representative of this sign is Marilyn Monroe. “I always felt like I didn’t exist,” she said, and acting was an opportunity for Marilyn to be someone. She, like a true Gemini, was fickle in relationships and failed over and over again in her personal life. These failures and constant inner experiences led her to depression, which she "treated" with alcohol and drugs. So it was not just a career that collapsed, but a whole life.

Russian Twin - Anastasia Kochetkova, a member of the Star Factory project, who was part of the once popular Banda group. But even a sharp rise in popularity did not make her stay in the group when the girl fell in love. As true Gemini, Anastasia preferred family life to a musical career, but the idyll did not last long. After the divorce, Kochetkova tried to return to the stage regretting the missed opportunities, but she did not get a second chance.

Virgo a very rational sign, but often she harms herself because of her love of self-delusion. Most problems arise from internal dissatisfaction and the inability to understand oneself. This affects your career in a detrimental way. Macaulay Culkin woke up a star after the comedy Home Alone. He was promised a brilliant career, but during this period his parents got divorced, and the boy decided that he was responsible for the family and should be with his parents until everything was settled. The directors did not appreciate his noble impulse and stopped inviting him to shoot. And Macaulay could not bear the disappointment and started drinking.

Aquarius it's hard to forgive yourself for mistakes and let go of the past. Often it seems to him that it is easier to be alone and not to seek support from loved ones. This attitude to life ruined the career of actress Mischa Barton. She alone could not cope with star fever, and the inability to build relationships forced her to seek support in alcohol and sleeping pills. The inability to break free from addiction made Misha say goodbye to his film career.

Scorpio has a very difficult character, it is often difficult to get along with him because of his stubbornness and inability to forgive. And his career is spoiled not so much by these shortcomings, as by misunderstanding, what the others are dissatisfied with. Joaquin Phoenix, after a brilliant role in Gladiator, could have made an excellent career, but his insatiable craving for criticizing the Hollywood rules, including the Oscar award, was “complete shit”, deprived him of not only statues, but also the possibility of being filmed in box office projects.

Of course, career success depends on many factors, but the influence of the zodiac sign on it should not be underestimated.

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