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The journalist dropped 15 pounds on a Beyonce 22 day diet. A PHOTO


Source: Business Insider

Journalist and video producer Business Insider Kevin Reilly decided to take advantage of the experience of the famous Beyonce and sat on a star diet. The 22-Day Revolution, which the singer observed after the birth of her first child. The diet is based on the vegetable vegan menu, excludes any processed foods and dishes. After losing weight, Beyonce wrote the preface to the author's book of the diet and supported the food delivery service based on it.

“If it worked for Beyoncé, it will work for me. So?", - said Kevin, saying goodbye to bacon and other meat products for twenty-two days.


Kevin is a meat eater, so he had to completely abandon the foods he was used to. The first week was really difficult, according to Reilly, he felt tired and wanted "real food", he did not like the taste of food at all: “I had to eat a couple of spoons of quinoa with water because it was disgusting. I miss steak a lot, ”Reilly wrote. Lunch could take more than an hour from him, it took him time to force himself to eat.


However, three weeks of dieting resulted in 15 pounds (about 7 kilograms) of excess weight lost. Not bad, says Kevin himself.
At times he was really hungry. Typically, the entire menu consisted of cucumber, zucchini, carrots and tahini pasta. Reilly occasionally fell out - in the first week he ate a slice of pizza, some meatballs, and it was delicious. Nevertheless, I decided to continue the diet - not for work, but for myself. He returned to a strict diet, and from the second week things went easier. “I felt like I was full of energy. I felt good. To be honest, some of these dishes were really good. ”


“I want to keep this feeling for a little longer,” admitted Kevin.

The most amazing thing happened on the first day after the diet. The boss brought a great plate of bacon, but ... Kevin didn't even touch it. Reilly liked the way he felt - so now the video producer is studying vegetarian recipes and buying farm products.


When asked if he plans to go vegan, Kevin says no. That evening, he still went to his favorite restaurant and ate properly the dishes that he had been deprived of for 22 days. “But do I feel as amazing as Beyoncé? Sure".

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