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'Life is ruined': American woman faces jail for prank in the doctor's office


Source: report

30-year-old Cori Ward, a resident of the US state of Florida, posted a video from a doctor's office online where her daughter is licking medical equipment. Woman faces a prison sentence.

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The woman’s daughter, with her approval, took a spatula to examine the patient’s oral cavity, licked it and put it back into the storage tank. She ignored the ad asking not to touch disposable spatulas, which should be sterile, writes report.

Ward was arrested, she was charged with damage to property with the possibility of potentially harming the health and lives of other people. If found guilty, a woman faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to 10 thousand dollars.

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In an interview, Ward said that only fooling around with children, but "now her life is ruined." “I think about my children and how this can affect them,” she said.

Employees of the medical center in the city of Jacksonville reported that they had removed all items from the office and replaced them with sterile ones. The institution stressed that they condemn such behavior of the mother.

Earlier in July, the girl licked Blue Bell ice cream and put it back in the fridge. The video with her participation became viral. Later, a video has spread online, where an unknown man repeated the girl’s deed.

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