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Live rich: 13 ideas on how to make your kitchen look more expensive


Source: Delfi Dekor

Decorating your kitchen is just as important as decorating other rooms in your home. A complete interior change can cost a pretty penny. But there are a few design tricks that can help you get the kitchen of your dreams without ruining your family budget.

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1. Replace tap

With a great choice on the plumbing market, leaving the old boring faucet in the kitchen is unreasonable, writes Delfi Dekor. Choose a faucet in the same style as the fittings of your cabinets, and the sink will immediately look more expensive.

2. Invest in lighting

The first thing people do when they enter the kitchen look at the ceiling lights. If your chandelier is outdated or just looks boring, invest in a stylish fixture that reflects your personality.

3. Choose stainless steel items

Even if you can't afford to upgrade all of your kitchen appliances and accessories just yet, it's possible to improve the look of the ones you already have. Coat your refrigerator and dishwasher in stainless steel paint to make them look more expensive.

4. Clear the refrigerator door

Photos can give your home a touch of nostalgia, but the refrigerator, covered with magnets and memorable photos, looks untidy. If you are not ready to part with all the “decorations” of your refrigerator, then leave on it only a couple of your favorite photos with a few simple magnets, placing them nearby.

5. Update your hardware

To quickly refresh the furniture, replace the accessories of old cabinets and drawers. Use interesting design details, but to avoid a chaotic look, stick to one style.

6. Decorate the kitchen with artwork

The kitchen is a pretty utilitarian space, but that doesn't mean you can't decorate it with art, for example. Hang any tapestries, landscapes, or abstract paintings you like in your kitchen.

7. Stick to light colors

Light colors reflect more light. they make the kitchen spacious and bright. To make your kitchen look bigger and more expensive, paint the walls with light paint and opt for white furniture.

8. Get rid of the mess

An “expensive” interior shouldn’t be cluttered, but the kitchen can easily become a place for waste paper from a mailbox, bags, bags, and more. Find a permanent storage place for such items, such as decorative drawers and baskets. Make sure everyone in the household puts them there.

9. Hide the “extra” appliances

You can keep things you use every day, like a toaster and coffee maker, close at hand, but don't keep less frequently used items in plain sight. It may annoy you to occasionally have to pull your blender out of the cabinet, but the effort will pay off with a cleaner look in your kitchen.

10. Decorate the kitchen with green plants

A few green potted plants in your kitchen will give it a fresh color accent and brighten it up. You can grow on the windowsill and spicy herbs (in beautiful pots) that you will use in cooking.

11. Lay on the floor mat

If you lay a beautiful rug on the floor in the kitchen, it will become more elegant. And if you cook a lot and are afraid to dirty it, then choose an easily cleaned outer mat.

12. Buy beautiful bar stools

If you have a bar counter, then spectacular bar stools will make the kitchen more interesting. And even if you don't have the space to do so, place a compact chair in a corner to create a fun, unexpected place to sit.

13. Upgrade your cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets already do not look very good, do not rush to change them. Replace only the facades and fittings, or just paint them to refresh the look of the kitchen and hide the unsightly scuffs.

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