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A Texas resident imitated pregnancy, killed a young mother and appropriated her child.


Source: Mirror

36-year-old Esenia Sesmas from Texas, who survived a miscarriage, killed a colleague and stole her newborn baby to raise as her own. In preparing a crime, the woman imitated pregnancy in front of friends and relatives.

Yesenia Sesmas. Photo:

After losing her baby after a few months of pregnancy, Cesmas told no one about the miscarriage, tells Mirror... She prepared a cozy nest for meeting a newborn in her Texas home, and when it was time to “give birth,” showed everyone the pictures of a charming little girl. But this child was a stranger. Moreover, at that time it was just pictures that Laura Abarka, Yesenia's colleague, sent her to show her newborn daughter. Unfortunately, this story is not the only one of its kind in the United States - we wrote about a woman who killed the pregnant woman and pulled the baby to hide her miscarriage.

When relatives began to wonder where the child was and to ask him to demonstrate, Yesenia went to visit Laura, shot the young mother in the head, put the six-day girl in a bag for diapers and sat her in the car seat. Child Sesmas took to her. It happened this November 17 2016 of the year. At home, she presented the baby to her family as her own daughter. Abarki’s husband returned home and found that his wife was dead, and the girl was gone.

Laura with her husband and newborn daughter. Photo: GoFundMe

It was not only the authorities who were looking for a child; the hype rose in the media and social networks. “Baby Sophia,” as the journalists called her, was found unharmed just two days later in Sesmas's house, where riot police broke into. Yesenia became the prime suspect after detectives found messages on Abarka's phone on the day of her murder. Prosecutors are confident that this was all planned.

According to the offender, hiding a miscarriage, she was at a dead end. She needed to explain her lies or bring the baby home. The woman claims that she did not plan to kill, she wanted to threaten her mother and take the child. Lawyers say Sesmas was "surprised when the gun went off."

On Tuesday, Sesmas was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and burdened intervention in parental custody of the child. She will spend at least 50 years in prison without parole.

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