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California resident claims she had a cesarean without anesthesia


Source: New York Post

The woman sued the hospital in Southern California, claiming that she had had a cesarean section without anesthesia.

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According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the complainant claims that the anesthesiologist did not immediately respond to a call at the Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside last November, so the emergency operation was performed without him, writes New York Post.

Delphine Mota was in 41 more than a week of pregnancy when she was admitted to hospital. The operation had to be performed very urgently, because the doctors could not detect the fetal heart rate during the initial examination.

The lawsuit states that the 26-year-old woman fainted from pain. As a result of the operation, a healthy girl was born.

The suit of the Dolphins and her fiance is directed to the hospital, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. The document alleges a charge of medical negligence, violence and physical harm.

Hospital representatives argue that patient safety and quality of service is a top priority for the institution. Comment on the situation Dolphins Mota hospital refused.

Recall that last year Israeli doctors began to do cesarean section without seams. This method allows the mother to recover faster after the operation, get out of bed after three hours and walk on their own through the 4-5 hours. The method was invented by Dr. Denis Fauk, and for the first time an Israeli doctor Israel Hendler tried it in Netanya. It is important that during the operation the mother sees the baby immediately after birth. Hendler says that after such an operation the pain is much less, and it goes faster and faster.

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