The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

California resident drowned, saving three children on the beach


Source: New York Post

47-year-old Aarti Centilell from Pleasanton, Calif., Was relaxing on a beach south of San Francisco with her family and two families of friends when 11 was swept into the ocean by a sudden ebb. At the cost of her life, Aarti saved three children of different ages, but she herself choked with water.

According to New York Post, beach goers formed a live chain to get everyone out of the water. Everyone except Centilwell. When they got her out, the arriving doctors could not bring the woman back to life. “While the adults were busy with the rescued children, they did not notice that it was carried away by the ebb tide,” the police told reporters.

“She was a nice person and always helped others,” say the relatives of the deceased. Aarti has two children of her own. Who were the rescued babies and teenagers of the deceased woman and whether there was any connection between them, the authorities did not say.

Bill Walcott, a senior public security officer at California State Parks, said that small waves were observed near Cowell Ranch State Beach near Half Moon Bay that day, but ocean currents are always risky and unexpected. This beach is notorious for such incidents.

The death of Centilewell has become the third such case in the last month in California. Father and daughter drowned in the San Joaquin River. One man drowned and another barely survived, trying to save children on the River Cavea, about 160 miles north of Los Angeles. A few days later, a lively seven-month-old boy was pulled out of the river, but his rescuer was seriously injured. Earlier in early June, an 36-year-old resident of Los Angeles died under the same circumstances.

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