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California resident spent $ 50 000 to look like a cartoon heroine


Source: The Daily Mail

The woman, who looks like a cartoon Jessica Rabbit in human form, spent more than 50 thousand dollars on plastic surgery to make her already not too natural appearance even more doll.


26-year-old Carly Mersol's model went on an injection of lip fillers to inflate her lips to an incredible size, and also increased her breasts to cup size H, says The Daily Mail. Carly, a resident of California, also changed the shape of her chin thanks to implants in this part of her face and Botox injections.

The various treatments she has undergone since December 2017 have helped the young woman achieve a look inspired by her longtime idol, the fictional character Jessica Rabbit, the heroine of the 1990 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit from Warner Bros.

Jessica Rabbit. Photo: Wikipedia

Jessica's character is known for her incredibly rounded shape, combined with an unnaturally thin waist and large bust, which Carly managed to achieve as a result of numerous procedures. But despite the fact that she already has a huge breast size, Carly says she has not finished work on her body shapes. Rather, on the contrary - she has big plans.

In the future, Carly intends to go through the Brazilian buttock augmentation procedure. Brazilian butt lift (by the way, very dangerous) and do another breast surgery.

“Jessica Rabbit has always inspired me with her hourglass body shape,” says Carly. "I wanted to improve what nature gave me."

Carly started plastic surgery because she was fascinated by women who “looked plastic” from childhood and always knew that she would strive for a similar appearance.

“A lot of people see it as overkill. There can be both good and bad reasons for this, who knows? I focus on what I want for myself, and no one else, - adds Carly. - I love that my naturally large breasts look even bigger. The surgeon has done a serious job. "

“Before, my lips were the thinnest among all I've ever seen. I just had no lips. Now they are huge, but I like it. The lips became so large that the doctors refused to introduce anything else in them, because they were afraid of complications. ”

In addition to breast, lip fillers and chin implants, Carly also introduced a filler under the eyes. 50 150 dollars she spent on these procedures do not include a budget for hair, extensions, nails, and so on.

“Taking into account $ 500 per injection, I only spent $ 5 on my lips. I regularly keep them in shape - usually once a month or once every six weeks, ”the woman says.

“In the future, I would like to have a Brazilian lift and possibly breast augmentation. Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that I have studied a lot of information about. "

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take care of inner beauty first. Always do what you want and what makes you truly happy. Don't worry about judgmental people as long as you don't harm anyone, ”adds Carly.


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