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Atlanta resident killed two sons, roasted in the oven


Source: New York Post

An 24-year-old mother of many children from Atlanta admitted that she had killed her one-year-old and two-year-old sons, alive roasting the children in the oven, and then sent a video of their bodies to the father of boys, writes New York Post.

Police said Lamora Williams put the children in the oven around midnight between last Thursday and Friday. So everything looked from the words of the woman herself, while the official cause of death of the children is still being established by the investigation. After the incident, the woman called her ex-husband and father of the children, Jamil Penn, to show him the crime scene, including the bodies of two burned children on the floor, which forced him to dial 911 immediately.

Grieving father told reporters that he had lost all of his world, his soul and all that he had. Williams was arrested on suspicion of murder on Saturday and left in prison without the right to exit bail. She was constantly confused in her testimony - she confessed to the murder, then told the police that she left the children in the nurse and found them dead when they returned home. It turns out that Williams suffers from undiagnosed mental disorder.

The six-year-old daughter of the woman did not suffer - that night she was with relatives. Also, the investigation finds out where was the fourth child of Williams. A friend of the arrested claims that the woman raised the children herself, without receiving help from their father. Williams did not go to the doctor about his mental state.

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