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Tough self-discipline, injections of youth and 7 more beauty secrets of Lyudmila Gurchenko



She was the standard of style. Legends circulated about her wasp waist, her incredible clothes were copied, and she herself was surrounded by young admirers until the end of her days, writes

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Lyudmila Gurchenko was a real beauty icon of Soviet cinema and theater. She was loved, admired by her, legends were made about her wasp waist, and her style was mercilessly copied. However, no one could compare with her in the ability to make a lasting impression on others and the desire to preserve youth, for which she fought fiercely until her last breath.

As many note, Lucy (she was called only by the elite) or inimitable Lyudmila Markovna (admirers of her talent treated her so respectfully) had an amazing feature: she knew how to be modern in the era in which she lived. The artist always appeared in the image of a star, a little detached, closed, she was always surrounded by a halo of mystery and inaccessibility, for which she was often called the domestic Marlene Dietrich. At the same time, Gurchenko was always different in the movie - in her filmography there is not a single role about which one could maliciously declare: “In this image, we have already seen her more than once!” But her heroines have always been united by one thing: a light raid of aristocracy and chic. What beauty secrets did the star keep so as not to lose its charm for many years?

Tough self discipline

Gurchenko is a woman with a strong character. Tough, principled, tremendously efficient, she was demanding not only to others, but also to herself. The actress proudly stated that not a single extra centimeter had appeared on her waist from the school graduation, and that she could fit into adulthood in adulthood in which she starred in Carnival Night.

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In many interviews, you can find statements of artistry in the spirit: “The female body is not a harmony for you: getting fat, losing weight, getting fat, losing weight. We must control ourselves! ”

Always think carefully about the image.

It is unlikely that you will find at least one photograph in which Lyudmila Markovna looks scruffy or groomed. And all because the star always carefully, to the smallest detail, thought out her image.

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Hairstyle, manicure, dress - everything should be perfect, everything will help to stay in public with dignity. Even at home, Gurchenko did not allow herself to dissolve: light makeup, hairstyle and heels - with these components of success, she did not even part at home.

No strict diets

As a child, Lyudmila Markovna survived the occupation of her hometown of Kharkov, and this left an indelible mark on her relationship with food. The actress admitted that since then she never went hungry and did not go on strict diets - she simply could not, while she adhered to the main rules of healthy eating that are known to most of us.

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She ate 4-5 times a day in small portions and at a specific time, while carbohydrates in the morning, and protein after dinner, high-calorie foods such as borscht with dumplings or cutlets "dabbled" only occasionally, excluded salt and sugar, preferred braised and boiled fried.

Track skin from youth

Lyudmila Markovna desperately did not want to grow old and struggled with age-related changes from her youth, rightly believing that preventive measures would delay the inevitable appearance of wrinkles. The artist always managed to get all the best creams that were then available to Soviet people, and did not disdain folk recipes.

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Beauty Injections

Gurchenko did not advertise much, but she never concealed that as soon as the opportunity arose, she began to visit cosmetologists and use all the latest technologies to slow down the aging process. "It's true. And I will continue to do this to death! ”She proudly answered the question of the journalists. Moreover, the pursuit of the actress for her youth began back in the 70s of the XX century, when they had not yet heard about botox and fillers.

Plastic surgery

When it was no longer possible to cope only with non-invasive methods, Gurchenko no doubt lay down under the knife of a plastic surgeon. At first, at the famous Institute of Beauty on the Arbat, she slightly corrected the cut of her eyes, then she corrected her nose, cheekbones, and oval face, made blepharoplasty, more than one circular lift.

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According to various estimates, the star underwent at least 20 plastic surgeries and thereby entered her name in the list of celebrities with a record number of appearance transformations. However, the artist replied to any criticism: “My face is my salary!”, Bearing in mind that the viewer expects her to look good and you can’t disappoint him.

No gym

The star did not consider it necessary to play sports specifically in the hall, but she was so energetic that the extra calories burned by themselves. In addition, with the desire and the availability of free time, Gurchenko could do exercises or gymnastics anywhere, and frequent flights, active shooting completed the job, because she sometimes had no time to have a bite to eat.

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Focus on eyes in makeup

Part of Gurchenko's corporate identity was bright eye makeup with two arrows - on the upper and lower eyelids. She never cheated on them, because she believed that it was very beautiful and stylish. Eyelids could be shiny or matte, lipstick on the lips - any, but there were always arrows. But Lyudmila Markovna hated her eyebrows with all her heart, believed that they needed to be removed as a class, therefore she always shaved them and drew new ones, following the example of Marlene Dietrich - depending on their mood, upcoming role and fashion, their shape changed, but to grow their star even in the head did not come.

To love and to be loved

Gurchenko was a woman in love and, despite her strong character, admitted that she could not find one for long. It was vital for her to have a person nearby who could lean on. This was her source of strength, energy and good mood. With a laugh, the artist once declared that there was only one love in her life, and only objects changed. Indeed, only officially married Lyudmila Markovna was already 5 times!

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