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A woman driving: what are the differences in the USA and at home


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A woman driving in the post-Soviet space has long been a familiar phenomenon, but still not as large-scale and comprehensive as in the United States. When my mother-in-law came to visit us in America, I once told her: “If you lived here, you would have to drive a car”. She admitted that she could not even imagine such a thing! But in the United States, every woman is a driver. I'll tell you a few facts about American women driving and how they differ from our motorists.

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There are as many women drivers as men

Just because in the USA without a car is nowhere, if you do not live in Boston, New York or Washington, a blogger writes Zen.Yandex... Men and women are roughly equal in number among US residents, respectively, and drivers of both sexes are roughly equal. We still have much fewer female drivers than male drivers, but this is probably not because of prejudice that driving is not a “woman's business”, but because of the peculiarities of the economy: after all, we can still afford a car not every adult member of the family, and sometimes not every family.

For the United States, it is quite difficult to imagine that the average American does not have a car of his own, because there are cars for a buyer with any pocket. But if there is no car, you will have to wait for someone with a car to give you a lift. But again, there is no dependence on gender. A man sitting without work and a car at home can wait for his girlfriend or an elderly mother to take him somewhere.

Women choose practical cars

Since we have no car does not limit the mobility of family members, the presence of the second and third cars indicates good prosperity. Such machines are often chosen more for reasons of beauty than practicality. In any case, I didn’t often notice that women in their homeland would buy an old minivan for themselves instead of a new bright little car.

In the states, for a woman to buy an old family car with 7 seats is in the order of things. Mom often goes shopping, picks up children from school, and generally appreciates practicality, starting with her clothes, shoes and cosmetics and ending, of course, with a car. But again there is no clear division - a man can have a practical “family” car, and there can be several cars in the family.

Go to old age

We certainly have much less such “autolady” than in the USA. Our grandmothers are former citizens of the Soviet Union and, I think, no one will argue with me that not every Soviet family had a car, and if there was, then most often the head of the family - that is, men. Look at least Soviet films even from the eighties, and it will become obvious.

In the States, grandmothers drive until a ripe old age. As you probably already understand, this is not “with fat”, but simply because this grandmother will not get into the store, or the pharmacy, or the bank, or the church in a different way - in general, nowhere. Therefore, any grandmother, even the oldest one, quietly hobbles to her old car, and then confidently presses on the gas and shakes her finger at the window if she is cut off.

Drive Uber, trucks and public transport

Since everyone knows how to drive in the United States, there are more potential candidates for driving jobs than we have. Uber, if anyone does not know, is a program on the phone that allows you to earn money by giving people a ride in your private car. Since everyone is driving, everyone can earn extra money, which means there are more chances to meet a woman in Uber.

Where we are on a par with the United States - perhaps in the number of women drivers of trams, buses and trolley buses. For some reason I remember that most of our public transport drivers are women (there are only men in minibuses). It's about the same in the United States. In addition, in the United States, approximately 6 percent of truck drivers are women.

The technical aspects of cars do not understand

One popular prejudice is true - women in the United States usually don't understand the cars they drive. But not at all because they cannot do it. In fact, there are plenty of men who absolutely do not understand how a car works and never look under the hood.

The point is simply that in the United States, everyone does their own business, and if you are not a mechanic, then why would you dig in a car? The car has broken down - take it to the service. Breaks down constantly - buy a new one. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man. There are specialists who do this professionally and there is no point in scattering and doing everything for others - this is not the way to help the economy. Better to concentrate on what you are doing well!

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