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Woman died at the hands of her husband in a burnt down pool in California.


Source: SF Gate

Carmen Berritz rested with her husband Armando in a rented house in Santa Rosa, California, when a terrible fire woke them, writes SF Gate. The couple jumped into the pool to escape the fire. The man managed to survive after serious burns, and the woman died in his arms.

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Carmen was one of the 31 victims of the fires that swept across Northern California over the past week. Each year, the couple came to rest in California as a combined gift for the days of the mother and father, as well as a birthday. This year, they chose Vine Country, the region most affected by the terrible fire.

When the son-in-law of an elderly couple saw that a fire was approaching the house, he woke his wife, daughter and father-in-law with his mother-in-law. All ran into the yard to get into the cars and drive away. The son-in-law was sure that Carmen and Armando were following, but because of the smoke it was impossible to know for sure. Having reached the safe zone, the young began to wait for their parents, but they did not wait.

It turned out that Armando's car collided with a fallen tree, and he decided to return to the cabin and climb into the pool. His wife trusted him - they had known each other for more than 60 years and always supported each other. The pair lasted through the smoke and fire all night, diving into the water in the most difficult moments, until the flame retreated.

Just before dawn, 75-year-old Carmen stopped breathing in the arms of her husband in the midst of a burnt pool. According to her daughter, Carmen had weak lungs, but despite this, she did not give up to the last. Armando’s 76-year-old has his hands and face burned, but his life is out of danger.

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