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A woman from Pennsylvania creates amazing natural flower wedding dresses


Source: INSIDER style

Florist and designer Tara Folker lives in the American city of Lancaster (Pennsylvania), where she has a flower shop Splints & daisies. From most of her flowers, a woman creates wedding dresses; INSIDER style.

Tara uses only fresh flowers and greens to create wedding dresses.

“I never draw sketches of my dresses, I don't plan anything in advance,” Volker admitted in an interview.

The florist also said that, on average, it takes three hours to create one outfit. The difficulty level depends on the materials and the number of colors.

Tara Folker admitted that she was impressed by the reaction of guests at one of the weddings, where the bride went to the groom in a dress made of flowers.

The guests were enthusiastic about the dress and expressed positive feedback to the author of the dress.

We invite you to see the video with Tara Volker, who creates her masterpieces from the gifts of nature.

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