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Hot nights: how to sleep and sleep if there is no air conditioning


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Sleeping in the stuffiness is quite difficult, especially if there is no air conditioning at home. Jana delphi We have gathered for you simple tips on how to not count sheep on hot nights until morning.

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Drink plenty of water

It sounds obvious enough, but - the more water you drink, the easier it is for your body to cool. It is important to comply with your norm and not overdo it.

Close the windows and close the curtains

Yes, no matter how strange it may seem to you — we recommend closing the windows. Moreover, it is worth observing this rule during the day too - when your windows and curtains do not let warm air and sunlight into the room, it keeps cool.

So that the house is not completely dark, it is advisable to use light curtains or special curtains from the sun. Foil or other material reflecting the sun's rays can be glued onto the windows.

Ventilating the room where you sleep is best from 4 to 7 in the morning, when the air is most cooled.

Take a hot shower

Going into hot water when you are already hot - what is the reason? It's very simple: after warm water procedures, you will feel that the room is cool.

Make a foot bath

Shortly before bedtime, it’s very good to take a foot bath. It takes only 10-15 minutes for them to convey to our brain a signal to hang up. In slightly warm water, you can add a little lavender, lemon balm, valerian or rose petals.

Have a light dinner

If you like to have dinner with steaks or oily fish on the grill, get ready for something that will not fall asleep for a long time in the hot season. Your stomach will be busy digesting food, which will make your body temperature slightly higher. Replace the last meal with a light salad and eat it at least two hours before bedtime.

Do not drink alcohol

When you “mix” alcoholic drinks and hot weather, your sleep will be lifted away like a hand. The body is dehydrated, and sleeping in this state is extremely difficult.

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Cool the bed

Put a couple of plastic bottles in the freezer and a few minutes before bedtime put them on the bed, you can also fill it with water and cool the old good heating pad in the refrigerator. When you go to bed, you will feel that everything in the ice is divine. Another option is to put a dry or slightly damp sheet in the freezer for about 15 minutes, and then lay down the bed with it.

Try the Egyptian method

Just like twice two: soak a sheet with cold water, then squeeze it (it should be wet, not wet through) and use it as a blanket. This will keep your body cool. The only thing is to cover the mattress with dry towels or an extra sheet so that it does not get wet.

Part with the pillow

Give up pillows and blankets. It is better to raise the head of the bed a little higher, cover yourself with a sheet or a light blanket and sleep on its side.

Sleep alone

We understand that your partner will not be delighted with this advice, but what can you do: in the heat it is better to sleep alone. Two bodies produce more heat, and your task now is to minimize its amount.

Clean the “dust bags”

That is, everything that accumulates dust and prevents the penetration of coolness from walls and floors. It can be carpets, rugs, warm rugs. Indoor plants are also undesirable guests in the bedroom - during the day they emit oxygen, and at night they absorb.

Use a fan

The fan itself does not cool the air in the house. But it blows heat off the surface of the body, thus creating a feeling of coolness. You can use small fans, placed or hung around the room. To cool the air with a fan, put in front of it any containers with ice or bottles of frozen water. This will help reduce the temperature by a couple of degrees.

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Sleep on the floor

Warm air is lighter than cold, so sleep better on the floor. The lower layers of air are much cooler than the upper ones.

Put on cotton

In this natural fabric, the skin is easier to breathe, which means it is easier for you to sleep. Silk and chintz in the heat stick to the body - so here it is better to forget about beauty and think about comfort for a while.

Protect your skin

Most likely, you spent half a day in the sun and got your portion of tanning. This means that in the evening your skin will burn slightly and radiate heat, this feeling often interferes with sleep. So be sure to use funds with the SPF factor.

Minimize the use of electrical appliances and gas stoves

A computer, TV, lamp, iron, hair dryer, stove and other household appliances that run on electricity or gas greatly increase the temperature in the house. Remember, the less equipment around your bed, the better.

More than once, doctors advised several hours before bedtime not to use any gadgets - and that makes sense. Set aside your phone and read a book.

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