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What do the children of celebrities look like on the first day of study. A PHOTO


Source: Instyle

Autumn has come, and with it the new school year has begun. It is difficult to resist the gaze of a child who goes to school for the first time or even far from the first. And the children of celebrities in this situation are no different from ordinary children. He writes about it Instyle.

And on this day, the celebrities themselves are no different from ordinary parents and all the cameras are now directed not at them, but at their favorite schoolchildren.

The first day of school can be sad, fun, tragic, or sleepy, regardless of whether it is a primary school or college. Look at these beautiful children who have felt the onset of the school period after a long vacation:

Photo: @reesewitherspoon

1. Reese Witherspoon.
“Waiting for the school bus with my brother,” Witherspoon called this photo.

Photo: @nph

2. Neil Patrick Harris.
The twins of the famous actor are already quite ready for the first school day.

Photo: @torispelling

3. Tori spelling
At #MamaBear today is a special holiday - four children went to school at once.
"My cave is empty," Tory wrote.

Photo: @cash_warren

4. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
"Today is a great day for the inhabitants of House Warren," wrote Jessica's husband, Cash Warren. Their beautiful daughters Honor and Haven went to school and kindergarten.

Photo: @busyphilipps

5. Bisi phillips
“Someone today is not at all happy with the start of the school year,” the actress signed a cheerful photo of her daughter.

Photo: @christiebrinkley

6. Christie Brinkley
Daughter Christie has already gone to college. And in this photo mom and daughter look like twins in identical denim overalls.

Photo: @rebeccaromijn

7. Rebecca Romain
“Halilujah, Day 1 of School,” Romaine wrote under a photograph of her lovely twin daughters, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

Photo: @joshbkelley

8. Josh Kelly and Katherine Heigl
"1st day of the 2nd grade of my first child !!!" - this is how singer Josh Kelly signed the photo of his daughter Nali.

Photo: @jamielynnspears

9. Jeremy Lynn Spears
Jeremy's daughter Maddie went to the third grade, as mom boasted about by posting a photo on Instagram.

Photo: @melissajoanhart

10. Melissa Joan Hart
The actress has three sons - Mason Walter, Braydon Hart, Tucker McFadden. And they are all already schoolchildren. Melissa shared a photo from the bus stop where the sons were waiting for the school bus with friends.

Photo: @misslivalittle

11. Liv Tyler.
“Legs a mile long! My beautiful Milo is starting the school year! ”Liv wrote under the photo of her eldest son.

Photo: @ciara

12. Ciara
Ciara already has two kids. The first is the son of Zahir, and the singer gave birth to her second child in April 2017 - the girl was named Sienna. “Zahir’s first school day!” - this is how the happy mother signed the photo.

Photo: @mollybsims

13. Molly Sims
Molly has three children, and only the most senior Brooks Alan has already reached the school.
“And here again autumn, again Brooksi is heading to #preschool!” - this is how Molly's photo captioned.

Photo: @mstinalawson

14. Tina Knowles
The famous fashion designer and mother Beyonce have a reason for joy - she sends her grandson to school.
“My handsome grandson is about to go to high school. And it seems only yesterday he was that kid who changed all our lives, ”the proud grandmother signed the photo.

Photo: @candacecbure

15. Candice Cameron - Bure
"The first day at school. These photos never get old, ”Candice wrote under the photograph of her three children, who are now 19, 17 and 15 years old.

Photo: @eltonjohn

16. Elton John
“Back to School @davidfurnish #ShareTheLove,” John captioned a photo of his sons Zechariah and Elijah.

Photo: @iamjhud

17. Jennifer Hudson
The famous actress and singer shared a photo collage of her son David, Daniel Otung Jr., who this year went to second grade.

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