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A healthy 5-year-old Russian woman spent her whole life in a medical center: why her parents did not take her


Source: The Village

Journalist Katerina Gordeeva published on Medusa the story of a five-year-old girl who spent her whole life in the perinatal medical center Mother and Child Mark Kurtser. She never left there - so her parents decided.

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How a child lives in the center

The girl (her name is not called) never talked with her peers and did not see animals, her main dream is to go to the sea. The daily routine of the child looks like this: breakfast, cleaning, reading, games and coloring with the nanny, lunch, daytime sleep, reading and coloring, dinner, cartoon and sleep, tells The Village.

Parents are sure that their daughter is terminally ill, and staying outside the hospital is deadly for her. At the same time, doctors claim that she is absolutely healthy.

What is known about the family

The family of Tatyana Maximova and Yuri Zinkin has three more sons: 2003, 2008 and 2011 of birth.

Zinkin served seven years in prison, because at the end of the 1990's he was engaged in the withdrawal of money abroad, it follows from the materials of his criminal case. The investigation estimated the amount of funds withdrawn by Zinkin at 1 – 2 billion dollars, but the court recognized the legalization of only 18 million dollars. In 2009 – 2012 years, the man was a co-owner of the Pirogovo agricultural company, which owned 3 103 hectares in Mytishchi and 351 hectares in the Pushkin district of Moscow Region. By 2019, part of the land was sold for cottages.

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Familiar families say that Tatyana Maksimova with her sons live in the apartment of one of the prestigious houses in the north of Moscow. The boys are at home school - tutors come to them. They are also limited in using gadgets and communicating with classmates. The family doesn’t go anywhere: “Tatyana says that they can’t go away anywhere, because they are allergic and can’t tolerate any air except the capital.” As you know, the mother is obsessed with medicine: children undergo an MRI every year, they take all the tests, everyone in the family is constantly examined, because the mother is afraid of any illnesses.

Maximova gave birth to all children at the obstetrician-gynecologist Kurtser. The girl was born on the 25 – 26 week of her mother’s pregnancy and weighed less than a kilogram. A few months later they went home, but Maksimova returned the child to the clinic - presumably due to a sudden stop in the child’s breathing. Since then, the girl with the nanny has been in the paid ward, which costs about a million rubles a month. Mother and daughter did not stay: she was allegedly too busy with other children.


At the beginning of 2019, Elena Alshanskaya, head of the Volunteers to Orphans Charitable Foundation, received information that a healthy child is being kept without parents in the perinatal center around the clock.

At the same time, Alshanskaya turned to the district guardianship and the prosecutor's office with a request to check whether the child’s right to life and upbringing in the family is violated. In her opinion, the girl was denied the right to social and motor activity. At the same time, parents were told to conduct an independent examination of the child.

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In March, parents complained of interference in their private lives with Yevgeny Bunimovich, who at that time was the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Moscow. There was even a round table with the staff of the Center "Mother and Child", UK, independent experts, guardianship authorities. Bunimovich said that the conditions in which the girl lives are satisfactory. The parents refused the proposed examinations.

Requirement to pick up a child

After that, the management of "Mother and Child" terminated the contract for the provision of services and filed a lawsuit against the parents demanding to pick up the child. In September, Kurtser's lawsuit was partially satisfied: the order to pick up the girl came into force in November, but parents still have not done so.

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