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Zashkvar, izi skating rink, photobombing, HYIP: what do these words mean and when to speak them


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In the life of each parent, a moment comes when, when talking with a child, he does not understand very much what his precious child says.

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It seems to be a familiar language, the words are all the same, but sometimes in the speech of adolescents there are such expressions that put parents into confusion, writes

Youth slang is a phenomenon that changes from generation to generation. The same parents used fashionable words at that time during their cheerful youth, but new ones came to replace them and they urgently need to expand their vocabulary in order to better understand their own children.

For example, a word "HYIP" Now you can meet in the speech of each representative of the younger generation. In its original form, the meaning of the word “HYIP” is an obsessive advertisement, the engine of modern media. The word came to us from the English language and from the Internet broke through to the federal channels. HYIP means hype and hype.

"Zashkvar"Perhaps the most popular slang word to express their dissatisfaction or negative evaluation about something. The word "squish" came from prison jargon, which means "disgraced."

Word Izi also came from the English language, and in translation means "easy." Originally used by online game fans in the phrase “izi rink”, which means that the victory was pretty easy. With the increasing popularity of rap battles, where new idols of teenagers used this word in their recitatives, “izi” was used not only by gamers, but also by the rest of the progressive youth.

“Agriutsya” also originated from esports, from the mutated English word "Anger" - to be annoyed or angry.

Term "Volatility" emerged from the world of finance, where they denote the instability of exchange rates. This word can describe unstable relationships, modern fashion, music and politics. In other matters, everything that seems unsteady and unstable.

Body-styling and Bodypositive - criticism and acceptance of the appearance of another person. Bodisming is most often exposed to those who, according to the public, do not fit into accepted standards of beauty. Bodypositive, in turn, denies these standards and calls for loving yourself and your body in any way.

"Trendsetter", let's say, the icon of modern youth, which first learns about new fashion trends and introduces them into fashion. Trendsetters have adopted “byte”, i.e., copy their style. However, well-known media personalities often act as trendsetters, for whom it is not a shame to repeat. But copying the style of your friends and acquaintances is, excuse me, already zashkvar.

Selfi not the newest word and already familiar to many, it means a snapshot of oneself. Selfie gave rise to "photobombing" - a separate type of photography, when someone deliberately breaks into other people's selfie frames.

"Fudy" - This is a modern replacement for gourmets. They do not disdain fast food, they always know where to try the best in the city Tom-Yam and know by the names of all the world's leading chefs.

We hope that now, armed with new knowledge, you will be able to understand your child and find the answer.

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