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Coronavirus protection: what should be in your bag


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We reason logically and reduce the risk of infection! What you must carry with you at this dangerous time, says Womanhit.

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The epidemic forced people to reconsider their habits: now many people go to the store with apprehension. They are afraid to touch food packages, although they used to have the habit of taking them from the far shelf. Government health measures requiring masks and gloves have also increased anxiety. But we are sure that in any emergency, the only right way is to think logically and reason, which will lead you to the desired result. In the case of coronavirus, this is a reduction in the risk of infection of oneself and loved ones.

Reusable bags and bags

We do not recommend using plastic bags to weigh products and their packaging, in principle, so as not to pollute nature with slowly degradable material. Buy a reusable bag of cotton or linen - on a natural fabric, microorganisms multiply more slowly than on an artificial one. To weigh vegetables and fruits, buy bags of organza or mesh - it’s safer to use it than tearing bags from a common roll that other people have touched you. Wash bags, as recommended by foreign experts, in a machine at a temperature of 60 degrees - with it, viruses die. Moreover, the washing should last no less than an hour - the experiments of French scientists showed that almost all strains of coronavirus during this manipulation died under laboratory conditions. Unfortunately, the virus was completely killed at the University of Provence only at a temperature of 92 degrees 15 minutes after exposure. If you boil a bag in a saucepan, you will be able to create similar conditions.

Antibacterial wipes

Do not believe the advertisement that antibacterial wipes will kill all bacteria in a second. To enhance their effect, you will have to pour liquid disinfectant or 70% alcohol, which can be bought at a pharmacy, into the package of wipes. Use wipes to rub your hands, the surfaces you come in contact with, open the door to the apartment, so as not to touch it with gloves. Do not forget to wipe the screen and the phone case to remove bacteria and viruses from it. Be sure to carry a sanitizer with you in case the wipes run out. Or buy a pocket spray gun and pour alcohol into it - you get the same thing.

Reusable mask

It’s not worth going to the pharmacy for the purchase of masks, and there is no sense in them - you are unlikely to often go outside for more than 4 hours, but at the same time you will need to throw out the mask after each exit. But the multilayer fabric mask can be washed in a machine at high temperature, and then steamed with an iron in order to know for sure that all viruses would be killed. The mask will protect you from other people by almost 100% if they start coughing in your presence - saliva spreads 1,5 m, and some biologists double this distance.

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Contactless Smartphone

Do not use cash for the duration of the epidemic - they contain too many bacteria, and after a day banknotes pass through dozens of hands and wherever they lie. Connect a bank card to your mobile phone - all modern smartphones support this feature. In the settings you can set payment without a password so that you do not have to take off the mask to identify a person or enter the password again in the presence of other people. Keep the phone away from the terminal - it will still catch the signal and transfer money to the store’s account from the card.

Disposable gloves

The World Health Organization states: people can become infected with COVID-19 if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth after touching contaminated surfaces or objects. But doctors are still arguing about how much the virus stays on surfaces: some argue that it is impossible to catch it in this way, while others insist on treating objects with disinfectants. In a situation of uncertainty, it is better to consider the worst outcome. Wear gloves before going outside, then discard them and wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds. Put a few pairs of gloves in your bag in case your tear.

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Experts remind you that wearing gloves can give you a false sense of security, so in many cases this protective accessory may not help you prevent infection. After putting on the gloves, act as if your hands are dirty, not clean - first of all, do not touch your face.

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