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Plan these costs now to save during the holiday season.


Source: US News

For many Americans, December is the most expensive month of the year. Money flows away like a river, and as a result, next year, residents of the United States often enter with debts. A month and a half before the winter holidays, it's time to prepare your finances and plan your expenses in advance. How to do it correctly, tells US News.


Holiday gifts. The best strategy for avoiding extra spending during the holidays is to start buying gifts early. Decide what you want to donate and look for the necessary goods a few weeks before the holidays - this will help distribute costs evenly and not lay out the entire piggy bank in December. Don't forget to hide the surprises well!

Travel. It is possible that you and your family or loved one are planning to go somewhere for the Christmas holidays or just want to visit your loved ones during the holidays. This always means buying tickets or paying for gas. If you buy tickets in the near future, then distribute the costs and pay less. A preliminary reservation of the hotel will not be left without a rest at the last moment.

Festive table and reception. Someone flies to rest, and someone likes to collect a full house of guests and entertain them so that the holidays will be remembered for a long time. Pleasure is also not cheap. You can either save money to buy food or start purchasing it now - many types of food are well stored in the pantries and the freezer.

Warming the house. Winter is close, whether you like it or not. This means that your home may require some weatherization measures in order to become more energy efficient and ready for the cold. All this, too, can begin in the near future, at least by purchasing materials.

Charity. Many Americans make donations in December, inspired by the season of magic and Christmas moods. It is important to plan this item of expenses in advance so that at the last moment it does not appear that there are no funds left for the spiritual part of the holiday.

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