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Alternate option: the bride did not wait for the groom at the wedding, but she got married anyway


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A bride from the Indian city of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, did not wait for her late groom and married another man.

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Six weeks before the incident, the couple celebrated an informal wedding in the village of Nangalat, but the girl did not move to the groom's house, as the newlyweds wanted to have a formal ceremony first, writes “ report".

There were disagreements between the families of the lovers. Relatives of the groom constantly demanded a dowry, including a bicycle and money, which the bride's family did not intend to give.

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As a result, the bride’s relatives beat the guests by the groom and locked them in a room at the wedding venue. Both families went to the police, but ended up making peace.

The last straw was the late arrival of the groom to an official wedding. Instead of arriving at the appointed time, he arrived later, angering the bride and her family.

As a result, the woman canceled the marriage and married another young man in the presence of the elders of the village.

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