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Married to Vysotsky: Lyudmila Abramova - about marriage with a bard, children and life after


Source: Culturology

Marina Vlady is always called the main woman in the life of Vladimir Vysotsky, completely forgetting about his first two marriages. She was his last official wife. But before her, there was a touching novel by the then unknown student, Volodya Vysotsky, with Iza Zhukova, his first wife. And then Lyudmila Abramova appeared in his life, giving the great bard two wonderful sons. Even before meeting with Vysotsky, she had a tragedy that changed a lot in her attitude to life.

Vysotsky in 1978 year. Photo: video frame YouTube / GOTELERADIOFOND Russia

Non-random acquaintance

There was a man standing in front of the hotel: slightly beaten, obviously drunk, in a bloody shirt unbuttoned and without a jacket. 22-year-old actress Lyudmila Abramova, who arrived in Leningrad on her first shootings in the film “713 requests landing”, was frankly afraid to approach a stranger, writes Culturology. But I could not get around it. As she approached, the man asked her to lend him money. It turned out that Vladimir Vysotsky broke the dishes in a restaurant and he had nothing to pay for it.

When they refused to take her passport as a pledge, but they could not find the money, Lyudmila Abramova, without a shadow of a doubt, removed the old expensive ring from her finger and gave it to Vysotsky. She had pretty good reasons not to refuse help to someone who needed her.

The memories of the boy who died because of her were still fresh in the memory of the girl. He was a classmate of Tarkovsky and Shukshin, was in love with Lyudmila, who did not reciprocate. The girl at that time did not even think about feelings. When the young man realized that he could only rely on friendship, he didn’t find anything better than to settle accounts with life.

The investigation concluded that Lyudmila was innocent, but she herself at the grave of the young man in love with her promised herself to marry the first person who would ask her about it. And she was going to keep this word.

Touch to talent

He appeared in her room after only half an hour. On the girl's refusal to open the door for him, Vysotsky just deftly hit the lock, which immediately opened. Holding a bottle of champagne and chocolates in his hands, he offered Lyudmila Abramova to be his wife right out of the door. And she immediately agreed.

Already together they went to his friends who lived in the hotel, and there for the first time Lyudmila heard Vysotsky sing. By this time his songs had not yet been written, and the young bard sang to strangers. But all the power of talent was already clearly heard in his voice.

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Later Lyudmila Abramova, many will say that she did not communicate with Vysotsky. They say he is a drunkard and an irresponsible person. But for her, nothing mattered. She answered him and agreed to be his wife. By that time, she already knew about his marriage with Isa Zhukova, but she couldn’t change anything in her plans. At the same time, Lyudmila will officially become the wife of an actor and performer, when their eldest son Arkady will be two and a half years old, and the youngest Nikita will be a year old.

Lyudmila Abramova and Vladimir Vysotsky will live together for almost nine years. In her eyes will be born the best of his songs, from an unknown actor to anyone, he will turn into a celebrity. His talent will be fully revealed in the Taganka Theater, and then his songs will be heard everywhere. But all this will be later.

Photo: Ludmila Abramova’s personal archive, YouTube / Radio Liberty

Stay human

In the memoirs of contemporaries, Vladimir Vysotsky appears very different. At the time he was married to Luce, as he called his spouse, his love of alcohol was not yet so noticeable. She remembered him loving, caring and very touching.

Marina Vlady in his book will write that Vysotsky did not want to have children, and Lyudmila tried to just keep him. But Lyudmila Vladimirovna remembered how he rejoiced at the birth of his sons. At midnight, an hour after Arkady was born, he managed to give her a huge bag of all kinds of food. She had nothing to do with the whole pregnancy, she ate only liquid porridges on the water and constantly wanted to eat. As soon as the birth was over, Vysotsky rushed to the restaurant and ordered a huge fried chicken and many more.

A year and a half later, Nikita was born. Lyudmila was hard, but she didn't have to ask for help: her husband did everything himself, without any reminders. He did not hesitate to wash and iron diapers, to wash dishes, go to the store to shop and clean the house.

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He was a caring and tender father and a very good husband. But still remained the favorite of women. The fact that Marina Vlady appeared in Vysotsky's life, his wife found out last.

But even having made the decision to part with Lyudmila, Vysotsky behaved extremely decently. He persuaded his mother to move to the acquired two-room apartment at the River Station, so that Lyudmila and the children could live in a new apartment on Begovaya Street. I myself followed the repair, I ordered the furniture myself. Lyudmila still had no idea about anything, but Vladimir Vysotsky already knew for sure that he would not live in this apartment.

When Lyudmila Abramova found out about his new love, she only reproached him that he had lied for too long and did not admit everything at once. After the divorce, Vysotsky often visited his sons, but Lyudmila Abramova herself stopped visiting the theater.

Photo: Ludmila Abramova’s personal archive, YouTube / Radio Liberty

Life after Vysotsky

She left her acting profession a long time ago, having decided to devote herself to the family, but she couldn’t see Vysotsky on stage, as she couldn’t listen to his songs. According to Lyudmila Abramova, Vysotsky did not like her too much. But she, as it turned out, was able to become attached to him.

But the woman was not going to sort things out, make scandals and fight for her love. She just lived, raised children and tried to be happy again. Later Lyudmila Abramova married engineer Yuri Ovcharenko, gave birth to a daughter Seraphim.

And when Vladimir Vysotsky died, she agreed to work in his museum, began to organize thematic exhibitions. She does not try to prove her leading role in the life of the famous bard, as she never agrees with the statements about her influence on his work. She was just his wife. And the mother of his children.

Since the death of Vysotsky passed 39 years. And for all these years, she never spoke ill of her ex-husband. On the contrary, hearing disparaging remarks against him, she immediately rose to his defense. Lyudmila Abramova knew how important it is for him to remain a decent person. By the way, that very old ring Vysotsky returned her. He received a salary and bought it.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Radio Liberty

Vladimir Vysotsky is a bard, actor, poet and just a person. His genius is still the subject of controversy and discussion, the phenomenon of his popularity is almost impossible to objectively understand and evaluate. Millions of women fell under his charm, it seemed that his lyrical songs were performed for everyone. But there were those women in his life who deprived the poet himself of sleep and rest. They were his wives and his muses. He sang about them and for them.

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