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Married to an American: Russian woman told how she had to fall in love with an American breakfast


Source: Zen.Yandex

Once an American, Stephen and his Russian wife, Victoria, invited me to their house overnight. And in the morning I had to eat an American breakfast. Everything seemed to be traditional and clear. The products were the same to which Russian women are accustomed, and yet some features were present.

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Victoria, laughing, said that Stefan did not accept the fact that Russians eat for breakfast, the blogger writes Zen.Yandex. He does not eat porridge, which his wife cooks for children, and he never eats sweets for breakfast. And he says that most Americans do. It is only the children eat what is called "porridge." But porridge in the US is different. These are colored cereals and milk. And not the traditional porridge to which we are accustomed.

At breakfast, Stefan, it would seem, eats quite ordinary foods: eggs, bacon, toast and jam. Toasts and jam are the love of all Americans. You ask what is unusual here?

When I was served a plate and I saw what was in it, I was confused. You see, on her was scrambled eggs, thinly chopped and crispy bacon and what I first thought of sauce, that is, ketchup. But when I tried, it turned out that it was jam. In a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon.

Stefan, arguing, quickly absorbed his omelet, and bacon dipped in this very jam. Of course, I do not mind the combination of sweet and salty, but bacon and jam or jam and scrambled eggs seemed to me an incomprehensible and strange combination. I quietly pushed the jam aside and ate delicious bacon and scrambled eggs.

It turns out that this is quite normal - jam and scrambled eggs. Victoria says that she got used to it for a long time, but still got used to it and even calls it tasty today. What you can not do for a husband! However, most Americans do not dip bacon in jam, they just eat toast with jam and scrambled eggs. And all washed down with orange juice or coffee, but not the same as in Russia, but with some strange additives. Vika offered me nutty, vanilla and rum. I chose walnut and regretted: the coffee was spoiled ...

And Vika admits that she learned to fry bacon for a very long time.

In Russia, according to the Americans, it is prepared incorrectly. And it should be crispy, not overcooked and, at the same time, fried. In general, Stefan always cooked bacon for the first year for breakfast. This is the only thing that he managed. But today Vika does it herself.

And Stefan eats and praises his wife, claiming that in the USA women are completely unaware of cooking. But any American, according to Stefan, will always perfectly do two things: fry bacon and make toast with jam.

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