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Marry a military man: how much do American soldiers get


Source: Zen.Yandex

Quite an interesting question to read: how much do US troops earn? Is the salary of a simple ordinary soldier so high?

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In order to find out his salary, the soldier does not need to contact the bank or other financial services, accounting, writes Zen Yandex. Simply use the Internet and get an extract on the desired dates.

From the salary extract of the ordinary American army for one month 2018, you can learn the following:

  • Standard salary for rank and long service (BASE PAY): 2139 dollars;
  • Nutrition (BAS): 369 dollars;
  • Compensation for housing (BAH), which depends on the place of residence: 2532 dollar;
  • For additional skills, for example, knowledge of languages, including Russian, which is confirmed by the exam (FLPP): 425 dollars;
  • Compensation for service outside the United States (COLA): 443 dollar.

Total: 5908 dollars per month.

Not bad, right? But not everything is so sweet. We considered only the first column, which contains all receipts.

There are also deductions. They are in the second column and make up 2927 dollars, which include taxes (about $ 200), increased medical insurance for the whole family ($ 31), which includes free of charge any treatment, including medication, honey. services, and so on, tuition ($ 18), pension contributions ($ 42), advance ($ 2467).

As we can see, the largest part of the deductions is an advance, that is, the amount that is paid directly to the soldier, so it is not entirely clear why it is included in the expense column and makes it difficult for uninformed persons to understand the statement.

Annual earnings of a US soldier: 71 261 US dollars.

And now again: not bad, is it?

A few more figures:

  • The average lunch in the dining room of the US Army costs 5 dollars;
  • The average breakfast in the dining room of the US Army costs 3.50 dollars.

As we see, the US military not only earn enough for a comfortable life, but even more. In addition to a solid salary, they have powerful guarantees, the best medical insurance, stability and state support.

Unfortunately, Russian servicemen, even high-ranking ones, have only to dream about this, although work is still under way to improve conditions.

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