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Married Kirkorov: Lyubov Uspenskaya made an unexpected statement


Source: StarHit

The past year was not easy for Lyubov Uspenskaya. But the 2020th singer met with hope: she managed to make peace with Philip Kirkorov and is even ready to marry him, writes "StarHit".


In 2017, 65-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya and 52-year-old Philip Kirkorov abruptly stopped communicating. As it turned out, the pop king refused to participate in the creative evening of the queen of the Russian chanson. Then the singer said that Kirkorov does not behave like a man and simply envies her. But the last point in their friendship was the opening of their own karaoke of the Assumption. Philip Bedrosovich was offended by the artist, saying that she competed with him. Then the celebrities finally stopped talking and unsubscribed from each other on social networks.

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However, Ouspenskaya recently admitted that Kirkorov went to reconciliation. According to the performer, the artist gave her a gorgeous dress, to which there was a small note.

“He wrote:“ It is an honor for me to make a present to such a legendary singer like you! ”The dress is really very beautiful - beige, all in stones. I love him very much: it suits me. All misunderstandings between us in the past, ”the singer said.


The actress emphasized that now she does not mind becoming the wife of Philip Bedrosovich. After all, in her opinion, it was no coincidence that Kirkorov gave her a dress. The singer knows more than anyone else that the performer is a great connoisseur of beautiful things.

“We are friends, maybe even get married. Why bother? He loves the talented. So I don’t mind, ”admitted Lyubov Zalmanovna.

Recall that at the moment Lyubov Uspenskaya is officially married to Alexander Plaksin. Rumor has it that their relationship has long been cracking at the seams. A few years ago, a man left for America and still has not returned. The singer herself does not hide that her husband has long been abroad.

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The star also noted that it was not easy for her to find a person who could withstand her work schedule. According to the artist, she works tirelessly.

“If there is one, then I will not be. I must be independent: I must do what I do. I don’t even need money: I myself can earn money. Honestly, I'm not very happy that I was born in the year of the Horse. Because it was delayed by fate. I am a hard worker! I’ve been plowing like a horse for many years and I’m not going to stop, ”Ouspenskaya added.

By the way, Lyubov Zalmanovna hopes that the coming year will bring her only positive emotions. According to the singer, in 2019 there were many sad and difficult periods.

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