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Why do American grooms go to Ukraine and how to choose brides


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The USA is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world, in which many women dream to live. About how men-Americans differ from ours, whether they are family men or not, how they care, how they prefer to meet, TSN asked the manager of the Tomorrowlove marriage agency, Elena Trofimova.

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Why do American grooms go to Ukraine

Dating sites are common in the United States, but it’s not always possible to meet a woman to create a family, so men with serious intentions turn to marriage agencies. As a rule, a man through an agency finds a woman (often chooses several at once) in Ukraine and comes here for the first acquaintance. The agency helps him find accommodation and arranges meetings in Kiev. As a rule, in a cafe.

There are also so-called mating tours, when a group of suitors visits several Ukrainian cities at once (Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, etc.), but such trips are usually not cheap, and therefore they are not common.

In Kiev, once a month they hold group evenings of acquaintances in a nightclub, where female clients of several marriage agencies are invited. If you come to such a party with American fiances at least once, you will see typical men in the United States.

For example, a man very similar to the actor Richard Gere, whose ancestors were Irish and English, a Hindu with skin color from light to very dark, dark-skinned guy from Hawaii, an Asian, a man with a beard, wearing a cap and vest (like a Texas farmer). Hall rent, drinks and food at such parties are paid by the suitors, and for women everything is free.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that young, successful Americans rarely apply to marriage agencies. It is rather an exception to the rule. They prefer to meet at the university, at work or on social networks. With the help of marriage agencies, more often than not, older people, divorced, widowers or those who have never been married, but they are over forty and they are planning to get children, try to meet a woman or find a wife. 80-year-olds are turning there too, so even your grandmother has a chance.

By the way, there have been cases when male virgins at the age of over forty have turned, not losing hope of meeting their one and only. In real life, such a fact becomes a problem for him, but in a marriage agency he usually warns in advance about it and, quite likely, can meet the same woman or one who will react to this with understanding.


How do they care

Whatever the traditions of the groom’s homeland, everything usually depends on his upbringing and social status. However, it is assumed that in Ukraine all costs are borne by the man. Arriving here, he usually takes care of one to one, like a Ukrainian man. She can bring flowers on the first date, open the door in front of a lady in a cafe and a taxi, and also kiss her hand.

If he corresponds with you, he often believes that everything is serious and arrives at a meeting with a wedding ring. There were cases when the proposals of the hands and hearts were already made on the second date. This happens if he is really serious, and did not come on holiday to have fun.

If a man understands that you have bad English, then he can pay for your English courses at a language school, because without this you cannot do in his homeland. This is also a kind of courting act. Very often, men give small gifts like teddy bears, gold rings, sweets on the first date.

Since marriage agencies most often turn to male agencies wishing to start a family, on the first or second date a potential candidate for a husband can begin to talk about his business, show you photos of his house, car, motorcycle, home animals, children, if they are.

Unlike Ukrainian passports, American passports do not mark marriage, so even if you ask him to show documents to make sure that the man is single, this will not help. You can verify this fact only by learning it better and visiting his country.

The USA is a country of immigrants. Even if a man has an American passport, his mentality and attitude towards women will be determined by his ethnicity, family upbringing. There are Russian, Ukrainian, Latin American, Nigerian, Arab, Irish, Indian, Egyptian and other Americans.

The place of residence of a man plays a huge role - so different men live in different states of the country. And a Texas farmer is fundamentally different in his lifestyle, appearance and behavior from a resident of New York City Manhattan or Los Angeles.

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What women prefer

Despite the fact that in the United States relations between women and men are often partnerships and there are often cases when he and she pay a bill in half on a date, not one American does this. Regardless of his color, age, religion.

When a man invites a potential bride to a cafe, he pays. Money for a taxi, theater tickets and a trip on excursions in 100% of cases paid by the groom. The same applies if he invites a woman to visit his country - the cost of a visa and tickets fall on his shoulders.

Ukrainian woman for any foreigner is the personification of home comfort, love for the household, as well as beauty and grooming. Often, from a foreign groom you can hear complaints about the neglect of women in their homeland and admiration for the beauty of Ukrainian women. Many of them do not like women with a lot of cosmetics on their face, although our girls, on the contrary, believe that this helps them to attract the attention of men. Men are not shy to speak frankly about this already on the first date.

There are those who love girls only in heels, but most Americans will calmly react to if you go on a date without them and in jeans.

Even if you have found your mate, the next stage of the relationship is the “bride visa”. If you try to enter the United States on a work, student or other visa to get married, you may be in trouble. Since there are cases when a man pretended in Ukraine that he was a rich man, and upon the arrival of a woman in the United States, it turned out that he lived in a rented apartment and worked as a cleaner in a supermarket.

It is important to ascertain the financial status of a man. That is why it is better to go on a “bride visa”, to obtain which he needs to collect a package of documents, which includes information on the amount of taxes paid for the last 3 years, as well as a statement from the man's bank account. After all, if his income is below a certain level, then you will not receive a visa.

The laws in the United States are strict, so even to obtain such a visa you will have to wait from 2 to 6 months and prove that you have no criminal record in your home country, you were not registered with the police as a prostitute, you did not commit crimes in the US then venereal and not married.

After obtaining a visa for 3 months, you need to marry a particular man to whom you have come, or have to return to your homeland. This is the easiest way. But your children, born in the United States, will automatically receive the citizenship of this country with all the attendant social benefits and rights.

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