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Forget 10 000 steps: there is a better way to keep fit


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About those ten thousand steps heard, probably, everyone. It is precisely this number of steps per day that the media advise in vain, and the doctors are talking about the importance of active movement. Where did the theory of 10 000 steps come from, and is there an alternative to this nonweak load?

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As tells Air forceThe coveted figure of 10 steps was originally a marketing ploy created shortly before the 000 Tokyo Olympics. Japanese businessmen have created a device that helps the inhabitants of the country to keep fit. The name of the device could be translated as "Meter of ten thousand steps".

It was invented by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano from Kyushu University. In his opinion, the Japanese adopted a sedentary lifestyle from the Americans. The doctor wanted to help compatriots move more actively, and calculated that 10 was burning thousands of steps of 500 calories.

The Air Force journalist decided to conduct an experiment and compared the 10 program of a thousand steps with a program called Active 10 - it does not require counting steps, but when it is done, you need to walk quickly three times a day for 10 minutes. You have to go so fast that you can still speak, but no longer be able to sing.

The volunteers were divided into two groups, both received activity sensors, experts recorded not only their movements, but also watched their efforts. The first had to take place daily those 10 000 steps - this is about 8 km, the second - three times a day to walk by 10 minutes (about 2,5 km each time). What turned out?

Two out of three volunteers coped with the challenge of walking ten thousand steps, but it cost them a lot of effort. The experts concluded that this is why people quickly give up when they start following this plan. But the second group was “easy” to complete the task - they took vigorous walks with pleasure.

In a group Active 10 the total volume of activity and load turned out to be 30% more - this program worked more efficiently, although this group moved less in total.

They more often experienced an acceleration of the pulse, which is important for assessing the load and its effect on health. According to doctors, exercises with episodic acceleration of heartbeat reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

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