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Why do women “saw” men and why is it normal


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There are no couples in which a man and a woman have never reproached each other. Disagreement cannot be avoided by anyone. It is important to be able to listen to your partner and not bring the situation to scandals. Women's reproaches against men are understandable. They do not occur out of the blue. They are preceded by a number of factors with which you can reconcile or try to fight, writes "SOK-Media".

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Reproach is a female weapon

How do men usually solve problems when they cannot find a common language and agree? Of course, fists. This method is acceptable in male society, but women have to act differently. They are physically weaker by nature. Therefore, reproaches are their main strength. Women in quarrels let in emotion. They "saw" the men, acting on them psychologically. Some guys can't stand the pressure and give up. Others, feeling physical superiority, allow themselves assault, which is absolutely unacceptable.


In fact, the fair sex and psychologically more vulnerable than men. Therefore, to increase their internal self-esteem, they try to inspire partners with guilty feelings and discount their actions. Seeking power over the chosen ones in this way, ladies only once again demonstrate their weaknesses.

The ability to achieve the desired

Sometimes women act like little children. Reproaching men, they require special attention and gifts, as from parents who left for the weekend and left their children with their grandmother. Some men are led to such tricks and try to do everything so that only their beloved is happy. Realizing that the tactics work, the ladies continue to manipulate partners and with the help of “sawing” they drive the gentlemen under the “heel”. Some men can’t stand it and, as a result, are scandalous.

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A way to shift responsibility

Women try to justify their inaction, believing that a man should be responsible for everything. They shift the responsibility to another, and then blame the partner for all misses. This position is convenient for women. Doing nothing will never be guilty. Women, inspiring guilt in men, make them excuse and apologize. Then they themselves perceive male confessions of wrong as a manifestation of weakness. So the ladies are gradually disappointed in the chosen ones. It is better for men not to fall for women's tricks and immediately make it clear that problems in life are inevitable and someone will have to solve them. Then there will be noticeably fewer reproaches.

Boosting a man to achieve more

Modern women have become much more active than their predecessors. They assert themselves not only in everyday life and in relationships, but also in work, politics and other areas of life. It often happens that wives earn far more husbands. Accordingly, there are reproaches towards men who themselves do not seek to provide for their families, but still want to see women at home by the stove. To claim the role of the head of the family, you need to get up from the couch and begin to act. The woman reproaches trying to reach the consciousness of the chosen one and encourage him to set new goals, achieve results and earn more than her, and not sit and do not wait for the weather by the sea.

Women get tired too

Most often, women reproach men for refusing to share household duties with them. If a man earns well and his spouse does not work, then it is only logical that she is engaged in everyday life. In a situation where both partners work, men's claims to their wives at home are completely unfounded. To keep the apartment clean and to cook food for the whole family every day, you need to have a lot of strength. Men very often do nothing of this. But women, too, get tired. When they come home, they have the right to lie down and rest. Therefore, female reproaches are absolutely normal.

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Both parents should raise children

In society, it is believed that in addition to cooking, washing, cleaning and washing dishes, women should also deal with children. Men interfere in education extremely rarely. Therefore, the indignation of women is fair. The role of the father in the life of the child is no less important than the mother. This is especially true for boys. If a man is a father only nominally, then what example does he show the child? The mother's task is to bear, give birth and feed the baby in early childhood, and everything else is the responsibility of both parents.

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