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Why do I love America?


Admit your feelings to your beloved country can and should not only be on its Day, says popular blogger Daria Razzhigaeva.


America, I love you for:
✔ attitudes towards people with disabilities! Yes, everything is here, and absolutely on every centimeter of space, it is adapted for people with disabilities to feel like full-fledged members of society (struck even during their first visit);
✔ for the road! Whoever says anything, but here they are a thousand times better for the most part than in Russia (unfortunately, and, in particular, in Saratov, these are bitter tears, everything beyond the Moscow Ring Road is tears);
✔ for respect for the individual! Whether you are an American or an immigrant - everyone is equal, everyone has rights (and responsibilities, of course);
For attitude to children! Passersby are constantly touched, start a conversation with a child of any age. For children, an endless number of activities are organized both at school and outside. Well, the security of the child in this country is at the highest level;
✔ for the opportunity! Many do not always understand what these possibilities are. And just that human work is valued with dignity, and if you are not lazy, then you can learn and earn more than worthy;
✔ for the surrounding atmosphere! I have already spoken many times about the sea of ​​planted flowers on the road, in parking lots, on ordinary streets ✔ Let's add smiles and respect for each other people to them - and we will get a wonderful mood for every day;
✔ for shopping! For real discounts on holidays and without - in the amount of 50%. And when there are summer and winter sales, you can buy quite expensive clothes for a penny;
✔ for nature! For crazy beautiful national parks, of which I have a huge number in the district;
✔ over the ocean! Boundless, endless and so powerful.

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