The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Why Prince George want to be expelled from school


Source: Daily Star

Once in mid-September to school Thomas's Batterseawhere Prince George, the heir to the British throne, is studying, illegal entry has been committed twice, the situation in this educational institution has fundamentally changed. Now as reported Daily Star, the child is constantly accompanied by an armed guard.


Immediately after the invasion, the media believed that the criminal (40-year-old resident of London) climbed into the building for purely mercantile purposes - the school is very rich. But later it turned out that the woman was literally obsessed with the British royal family, most likely suffering from a mental illness and planning to kidnap the prince.


Initially, the guards were not going to accompany little George for a long time. But after the terrorist attacks in London and the attempted kidnapping of the prince, one of the guards said that the service was going to stay at school all the time while the boy was studying there.

Parents of other students are outraged by what is happening. It is known that the director even applied for the removal of Prince George from school - according to the relatives of other children, all of them are at risk due to the fact that the four-year heir to the throne is studying with them in this school.

One of the mothers made a public address: “Prince George should no longer attend this school. All mothers are in favor of this, because his presence here threatens all of us, the locals, and our children, ”said the woman.

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