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'Press': 5 thoughtless scary stories about such women



So called women with children (or pregnant). Naturally, not all, but only about those whose roof has gone a bit from the new status. Peopletalk tells when this term appeared, as well as five non-invented stories about it.

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When “I am a mother” they began to write in one word and turned it into a full-fledged term, it is not known for sure. It is only clear why this happened: people who shared their thoughts about the behavior of inappropriate mothers in various forums noticed: they all have one excuse - I’m the mother. Well off and on.

“Yazhemateri” for reasons known only to them, believe that now that they have acquired “wizards” and “peanuts,” all the others suddenly become sharply indebted to them. “Let me in line, I'm the mother”, “And make a discount, I'm the mother”, “You don’t see, I’m with the child.” The child for them is the right to permissiveness.

Psychologists say: the thing is that some women who gave birth really think that they have done mankind an unreal favor. Do people have to multiply and live on Earth? Should. So tell the mothers thanks for that.

All the other women who for some reason have not yet had children, “yazheteri” consider at least to understand nothing in life. As a maximum - the sick: “All childfree need to either forcibly treat or plant. They have no place in society. ”

There are thousands of stories about "jazper mothers" on the Internet, and VKontakte even has a public of the same name - and more than 10,5 thousand people have subscribed to it. Some posts are driven into a stupor. Well, for example:

“I am 23 years old, sitting at home in the fifth month of pregnancy. The husband is working. We have an idyll. But there is a problem - the husband has a big dog. He brought her before the wedding. I never liked her, and as soon as I became pregnant, I immediately said that there would be no dog in the same house with the child. The husband argues, but as he heard about the euthanasia, they all had a fight. How can I take the dog away or put him to sleep so that the husband does not recognize him? ”As they say, all the best for children.

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“I work as a pediatrician in a clinic. A 15-year-old boy with his mother comes to receive. The child has panasinusitis: headache, pus from the nose, horror in the pictures. The kid is two minutes before meningitis and three minutes before the operating room. He was ill for two weeks. "Mom dripped urine into his nose, because she didn’t want to see monster doctors."

"I am 28 years old. My husband does not understand me. He wants me to start losing weight, because after giving birth I added 30 kg. It seems that he does not understand what it is like to give birth, and then come into shape. It is almost impossible. I believe, let him love me for who I am. It’s as if it’s my fault that I like to eat. There should be many good people. Or let him search for another. Do you think these are generally normal statements addressed to me? ”

“I went to the store, got into inadequate. Some kind of sick mother on the head in the middle of the hall began to change her small diapers. She did not hesitate to drop the used pampers in the refrigerator with semi-finished products. When a store employee approached her and tried to make a comment, mother simply beat her with a bag. I, a healthy man, was frightened by this woman. ”

Memo for Moms! If you notice these five signs behind you - it's time to think. It seems you too "jam".

  • You are sure: doctors are pests, they only dream of doing bad for your child. And in general, you know everything better.
  • You are confident in your exclusivity: but how, because you gave birth to a child!
  • You say: so what, he is a child, everything is possible for him.
  • You took off all your girlfriend photos of poop his child. And admired them.
  • You only talk about your child. The rest does not interest you.

“There are several reasons for the specific behavior of the mother mother. To begin with, let's divide them into three conditional groups, ”says psychologist Polina Kashapova.

The first: "laid their lives on the altar of procreation"

Having ceased to grow spiritually and mentally, having launched their body, they transfer responsibility for their actions to the baby. You can recognize the mothers of this group by the phrases “do you have children yourself?”; “You will give birth and you will understand”; “I gave birth to a child, and what did you achieve?” Children of such mothers grow up with guilt and hyperresponsibility, which they often try to “anesthetize” by drowning out addiction, for example, on alcohol and psychotropic substances.

Second: manipulators

They hide behind the child as a shield, achieving their own goals, using the baby. This is not about big love. But only that “yazhemat” puts itself above the others. Self-esteem of such ladies directly depends on the number of children. She considers other people without children below her level. Own children do not receive enough heat from her and often try to draw attention to themselves in any way. For example, aggression towards other children, shouting in shops and cafes.

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Third: fearing for the life of their child

So much that they harm him without going to the doctors and without proper preventive measures (they confuse the child, breastfeed him to puberty, ignore vaccinations according to the plan without indications for medical withdrawal), have an increased level of anxiety. Some mothers from this group are harmless. Their concern is manifested only in attempts to raise a child prodigy, teaching him to write from six months and for lunch preparing exclusively broccoli steamed with wild salmon. But, unfortunately, some of them need help: they are dangerous for their children and others.

All three groups are subject to correction both in the framework of group and personal therapy. It should be noted that the changed hormonal level (due to pregnancy and lactation) also matters, but after childbirth it should gradually return to normal.

Unfortunately, for therapy, “squeeze” must recognize the problem, but here complications are possible. The player is passionate, an alcoholic drinks, and our patient claims are only subjective. Only some of the mothers of the third group can be hospitalized without their consent, while the rest will have to be negotiated.

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