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Yaaas !: English slang expressions that have become popular in 2020


Source: Yandex Zen

The English language is constantly changing and evolving. New words and expressions appear every year. But in 2020, this process has stalled a little, like everything that happened in the past year. At this time, the words that we used 5-10 years ago became relevant again, writes the blog author Anastasiia at Yandex Zen.

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  • Yikes - reaction to something very embarrassing, awkward, when there is nothing to say.


- I fell in front of my crush. - Yikes.

- I fell in front of the guy I like. - Y-yes.

  • Fit (outfit) - outfit.


- I like your fit.

- I like your outfit.

  • To go off - get angry, lose your temper.


- Wow, mom went off today.

- Oh, mom is mad with anger today.

  • Salty - to be upset / offended because of some little thing.


- Stop being salty!

- Stop being offended because of some trifle!

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  • Mad+ preposition = very.


- I'm mad tired.

- I am very tired.

  • Bath - very much.


- I want it so bad.

“I want it so badly.

  • Crush - the person you are in love with.


- I have a crush in you.

- I fell in love with you.

  • Yes P - a person who does everything to please a girl / guy in the hope of her / his reciprocity, henpecked.


- He's a simp!

- He is henpecked!

  • Yaas - Yeah!


- Do you like this ice cream? - Yaaas!

- Do you like this ice cream? - Yeah!

  • wack - boring.


- This movie is wack!

- This movie is boring!

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