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'I want to live a meaningful life': Melania Trump celebrates her 50th birthday



Melania Trump is one of the most beautiful first ladies in the world. She is remembered and credited with all the sins of the world: how she was shot naked for men's magazines, how much money she spent on a wedding, what implants she inserted into her breasts. Sometimes not noticing a strong and strong-willed woman behind all this husk. Melania Trump celebrates her 50th today - yes, yes! - birthday. Together with recall the facts from the biography of the first lady of the United States.

Melania Knauss was born in socialist Yugoslavia, in Novo Mesto (modern Slovenia). The family was not rich: his father spent the night and spent the night in a car repair shop, where he repaired used cars, and my mother worked hard at a local textile factory. The poor area, built up by high-rise buildings, and the view from the window of smoking factory chimneys. Melania wanted to escape from here and tried to study well to enter the institute.

After school, she goes to a big city and enters the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. However, the world did not recognize the architect Melania Knauss. Already in the first year, she met fashion photographer Stane Erko, who convinced her to go to Milan or Paris and build a modeling career there.

Attractive by nature, Melania still felt insecure in the world of haute couture, where everything is absolutely beautiful. Reluctantly, she lay down under the surgeon’s knife: she corrected the shape of her nose, enlarged her lips and chest. Medical manipulations were more than successful: orders for erotic photo sessions for a popular gloss, such as GQ or Maxim, immediately fell on the girl. Pictures are still strolling on the Web, in which Melania is "what mother gave birth to." But the fact: it was after these photos that the model was noticed by serious fashion publications. Melania began to be invited to work at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, In Style, Elle.

By the end of the 90s, Melania was firmly established in New York. Here she is a sought-after model and an aspiring actress. An ambitious Slovene marks high. But she will get her main ticket to a successful future not at castings, but at a party: in 1998, Melania met the billionaire Donald Trump. He was with a companion - the heiress of a huge cosmetic concern, but literally lost his head when he saw the beauty Miss Knauss. I came up to ask for her phone - I heard a refusal.

“Better write me yours,” she said.

“If I gave him my phone, I would become one of those women whom he calls. It's no secret that rich people have several mobile numbers, and which one he gives to his new girlfriend says a lot. Then he gave me all his numbers. ”

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Several years of the relationship ended in a wedding. For the engagement, Donald gave her a 11 carat diamond ring for $ 1. And the wedding that followed in January 200 was long considered the most expensive in the world. The bride appeared to the public in a dress from Christian Dior weighing 000 kilograms and costing $ 2005 thousand. John Galliano and his team manually embroidered the product with precious stones and pearls. One and a half meter wedding cake was decorated with three thousand confectionery roses.

One of the most memorable gifts from guests was the song The Lady and the Tramp, remade Beauty and the Beast from the animated film Beauty and the Beast.

And next year the couple had a son - Barron William Trump. And Melania finally became a US citizen.

For several years, Melania devoted the upbringing of her young son and the development of her own business: she launched a line of jewelry of her own design, and also began to produce perfumes and cosmetics.

She lived the usual life of her beloved wife of a billionaire until her husband decided to run for president of the United States. Competitors immediately pulled out all the dirty laundry of the family of the future head of state. Most of all, predictably, went to Melania. Accusations of “escort” work fell before her before her wedding with Donald, and after that, “naked” photos appeared on the Web.

“In Europe, photographs like these are considered very fashionable and very common,” Donald Trump answered for his wife.

In gratitude, Melania stood up for him when the media released the old audio recording, on which Trump spoke extremely unflatteringly at the women.

“These comments are unacceptable and offensive in the first place to me. This is not characteristic of the person I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope the people of the United States accept Donald’s apology. "

The people accepted: according to the election results, Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America, and Melania became the first lady. From now on, the attention of the media has become even closer. Scandalous publications counted for hundreds. Oil was added to the fire by the fact that the woman did not move to the White House and remained in her New York apartment.

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“They wrote that I feel oppressed in marriage, that I am divorced from the family. But I just wanted my son to be able to calmly finish the school year. " A few months after the start of the summer vacation, the family reunited in Washington. But Melania is still "unhappy", she has a "sad face" - the newspapers wrote.

In contrast to the activity of Donald on Twitter, where he daily broadcasts his thoughts to millions and often engages in persecuting certain individuals, Melania launched her social program to combat cyberbullying among teenagers.

“I do not always agree with what Donald publishes. But his actions are his actions. And I always tell him about it. And I know that they will criticize me for dealing with the problem of cyberbullying and openly talking about it. But that does not stop me from doing what I think is right. I can say that I am the most baited person in the world. One such person. If you look at how people talk about me. You know, sometimes people are afraid to say something in person and hide behind their keyboards. This is the danger. Therefore, I am educating the right culture of behavior online for the next generation. Because not everyone has thick skin and not everyone can withstand it. And this is a big problem - both in the USA and around the world. ”

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Gradually, relations between the presidential couple are improving. Melania forgave the unfaithful husband and abandoned the idea of ​​divorce. After all, a scandal would be inevitable and would cause a lot of suffering to their son Barron. This a loving mother could not allow. And then Donald and Melania again posing for the lenses holding hands. But she still clearly defends her position when their views diverge on some issue.

Melania meets her “fifty dollars” fully armed: young and beautiful.

“I'm a mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. First Lady of the United States. Thoughtful. Sympathetic. Strong. Independent. Attentive to detail. I'm true to myself. And I want to live a life filled with meaning. This is the most important thing for me. I know my priorities. What is good for our children, for me, for my husband. And this is my main focus, "Melania said in an interview. ABC.

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Loving husband Donald Trump congratulated Melania on his official Twitter account.

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“Happy birthday, Melania, our wonderful first lady,” wrote the US president.

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