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'This is not needed': what angered a Russian-speaking immigrant on a date with an American


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The American approach to relationships, in particular dating, is very different from what people from post-Soviet countries are used to. A story that illustrates this perfectly was told by the author of the blog "Reckless America" ​​on Yandex Zen. Next - from the first person.

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- To hell! - Alice is indignant. - Both Tinder and men!

My friend, who calls herself Alice in the dating app, is upset and outraged. The girl met a guy, and the first date clearly failed.

She is 26, she is an intelligent and pleasant girl. She has lived in the USA for a year, purposefully goes on dates with Americans, looks for her own, but ... Not everything goes as she expects.

- What happened?

- Yes, everything is the same! - Alice straightens her golden curls and pulls her hair into a ponytail.

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She always evaluates a potential chosen one by check. Literally - according to the restaurant: if he proposes to divide the amount in half, then "everything is clear with him, you don't need one!"

What happened this time?

- We communicated well. A very nice guy with a sense of humor. I asked for the bill myself. Let me, I think I'll check it out. And I say that I forgot the card at home ... And he told me, they say, do not worry, it's okay. And then he calmly says: just transfer to Zelle! (online bank transfer).

- I'm in shock! How so? - Alice is indignant.

In the United States, paying a girl for herself is the norm, it's about self-sufficiency. Yes, in Russia the mentality is different. And Alice immediately considers such a person to be greedy, unreliable.

Who do you think should pay on a date?

Original column published on channel "Stupid America" ​​on Yandex Zen

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