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'I was dying with Zhanna': Dmitry Shepelev said that he was drunk because of Friske's illness


Source: Radio KP

Over the years of work on television, Dmitry Shepelev has acquired thousands of fans. However, there are many who are still wary of Dmitry due to the death of his common-law wife Zhanna Friske, writes "Radio KP".

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We will remind, the singer died on June 15, 2015 from brain cancer. The widower described all the memories of her illness in the book. Some of its chapters cannot be read without tears.

Dmitry took the singer to the best clinics, the newspaper notes. In one of them, she was prescribed hormone treatment, due to which she recovered greatly.

“Her once slender and toned body now resembles a shapeless wineskin filled with water and fat. The skin is lifeless, pale, as if crumpled, speckled with a blue network of veins and giant stretch marks, "Shepelev recalled.

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The TV presenter admitted that he had never seen Jeanne crying. But he himself did not always restrain his emotions.

“In the most difficult moments, when despair gnawed into my heart, I closed myself in the bathroom of the hospital ward, turned on the water and howled from impotence and anger,” the showman shared.

It got to the point that the artist began to often kiss the bottle in order to forget. Fortunately, he managed to pull himself together in time.

“I was completely devastated. I died together with Zhanna ”, - quoted Dmitry StarHit.

Jeanne's parents reacted to the book in their own way. They stated that Shepelev wrote it solely for profit, and refused to read it.

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Moreover, the ex-son-in-law was accused of wrongly treating the artist and wanted her to die as soon as possible.

More than five years have passed since Friske's death, and her family and widower have not yet found a common language. Dmitry forbade Jeanne's relatives to communicate with their common son Plato, and they, in turn, accused him of commercialism.

The last scandal between Friske's father and Shepelev arose after the presenter decided to sell his son's share in the apartment of his deceased mother.

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