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I am the mother who leads a child with a runny nose to kindergarten



Probably nothing can cause such fierce indignation from the parents, like a child with snot in the locker room of a kindergarten. That is my baby. I will say right away that I am not a pediatrician, not an otolaryngologist, not an educator with practical experience - I am an ordinary mother of two children of six and two years old with a subjective opinion. And I want to tell my story. The story of that same parent who leads a child with snot into the garden.

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As soon as it comes time for a family to send a child to the garden, the world literally collapses, writes Anastasia Khelnitskaya for Instead of the expected happy hours of the baby in the garden, which any mother already considers her legal time, comes bitter disappointment and a heap of problems. For a child who has never been ill with up to three years, attends a preschool for only a few days, and then he is treated at home for more than a week.

Parents who are not ready for such a development begin to diligently search for enemies who have infected their favorite children. And they quickly find ... me. Mother-echidna, which, in their opinion, shakes off a sick child in the hands of others aunts.

It so happened that parents who bring a child to kindergarten are divided into two groups: those who do not consider snot as a disease, and those who are ready to literally shoot them. I was lucky (or unlucky, here how to look) relate to the first, and therefore my appearance with the darting child in the dressing room of our group is rarely without expressive views from other adults. And then surely in our chat will appear another message, which I just whisk.

“Dear parents, please do not bring sick children into the garden! Show compassion to others, our children should not be ill because of you! "

I do not know to whom such appeals are addressed. Certainly not me.

And, please, it is not necessary to attribute here a completely clogged nasopharynx and a cough with which it is impossible to sleep, this is different. I am not the enemy of my child and, of course, if he is really sick, I will treat him.

Moreover, by treatment, I mean not pumping a portion of ibuprofen early in the morning and pouring it down to the ears, just to hand over to the caregivers a visually healthy child. I'm talking about normal treatment, with a visit to a pediatrician and a hospital, but only when my child is really sick.

Only by themselves snot is not a disease for me.

I profess "another religion", where a runny nose is a defensive reaction of the body, and its main function is to protect the respiratory organs from adverse external influences. Take our Russian winter, add here the stress of visiting the garden and parting with your mother, which lower immunity, and voila.

I do not understand those who desperately raise their child in sterile conditions. Those with paranoid syndrome bloom in rage, and for every sneeze they already carry a glass of water and a handful of antibiotics.

Our society has moved not only on food and cats, but also on medicines. Some of the household kits are able to compete with the pharmacy, and their desire not to come into contact with microorganisms leads to men sleeping on the kitchen couch if they have had the imprudence to cough at home after work.

Snot - it's just a snot, and you need to be patient. But do not lock in the four walls!

If the child is active, cheerful and does not refuse to eat, let him freely go to the garden, to English, to the pool and to the gym. Let him communicate and exchange viruses. How else?

Let my parents burn the back of my head, there are a million reasons for the common cold, that coughs that have nothing to do with the disease. I will not paint it here, explaining that after bronchitis, you can cough for two months, that snot snot disagree. All this is nothing more than an empty sound for sumamed supporters.

And yet, measures to protect against viruses should not be aimed at endless disputes and finding out whether to drive a snotty child into the garden or not, but at strengthening immunity, an active lifestyle and hardening. And then anyone's snot will not be scary.

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