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'I am happy in the profession, but not in life': three unsuccessful marriages and loneliness of Larisa Udovichenko


Source: Culturology

The creative fate of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Udovichenko, who turned 29 on April 66, has developed very successfully: she has played more than 130 film roles and still continues to act in films, she is called one of the most sought-after, charming and beloved actresses in the people, writes Culturology.

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Her heroines on the screens looked self-confident, cheerful, eccentric beauties, but behind the scenes the actress had many reasons for despondency. She had thousands of fans, but she could not find personal happiness: she survived betrayal and finally became disillusioned with men.

Larisa Udovichenko was born in Vienna, where at that time her father served as a military doctor, and grew up in Odessa. It was this city that she called her second place of birth, since she was born there as an actress. Since childhood, she had two main hobbies - gymnastics and theater, but her love for art turned out to be stronger. In the 9th grade, Larisa began to study at the national film actor's studio at the Odessa Film Studio. There, director Alexander Pavlovsky drew attention to the girl, thanks to whom she played her first role in the short film "Happy Kukushkin" at the age of 15, and 2 years later she starred in the film "Yulka".

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After graduating from school, Larisa Udovichenko left Odessa for Moscow to enter a theater university. She was admitted to VGIK for the course of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Even during her studies, the teachers advised her to think about how to get a Moscow residence permit, because her further acting career depended on this. And she decided on a fictitious marriage with a Muscovite, which she did not like to remember later, because she was not proud of this act.

The future film director and screenwriter Alexander Pankratov-Bely considered her the most beautiful girl in VGIK and was sincerely in love with her, so without hesitation agreed to her proposal to get married. In his heart he kept the hope that over time, she too would be imbued with sympathy for him. He spent all his savings on a wedding celebration in a restaurant. But only a few days later, Udovichenko left him.

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The actress subsequently preferred not to recall her student marriage, and called director Andrei Eshpay the first husband, whom she married shortly after the divorce. However, family life did not work out - the spouse was too jealous, in addition, both of them were not ready to solve everyday problems, and this marriage soon broke up.

The actress admits that in men she was always attracted to her mind and talent, and everything else remained secondary: “I need a man to be smart and talented. If he possesses these two qualities, then he will probably be well-off. Another important thing is a sense of humor. Some believe that a man should be handsome. I do not agree with this and I think the saying “a little prettier than a monkey” is very applicable to men. Beauty is an absolutely unnecessary thing, although this is a rather relative concept. ” The embodiment of all the qualities valuable to her, she seemed to her new acquaintance.

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Once, at the birthday party of her friend Larisa Udovichenko, she met entrepreneur Gennady Bolgarin. For the sake of the actress, he left the family, and they soon got married. At 32, she first became a mother - the couple had a daughter, Masha. But the family idyll lasted only the first 4 years, and then quarrels began to flare up in their house more and more often. Udovichenko treated the rumors about her husband's mistresses painfully, but it turned out that this was not the worst thing - the husband spent hours in the casino, losing huge sums there. Because of his debts, creditors began to pursue him, and the Bulgarian was hiding in one country, then in another. And Larisa Udovichenko was threatened with reprisals by bandits.

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The actress considered this a betrayal and left her husband. She said: "No matter how painful it may be, I suffer, I will step on my throat, I will pay, but I will not be able to communicate more closely with the person who betrayed me." After that, she tried for a long time to come to her senses and admitted that it was very difficult for her to establish her life. Since then, Udovichenko never married again - she was forever disappointed in men.

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In the movies, she also often had to play a romantic relationship. The actress said: “It’s a sin for me to complain about the lack of roles and great male partners in the movie. Whom I just loved! And Mikhail Boyarsky, and Sergei Shakurov, and Nikita Dzhigurd, and Nikolai Eremenko, and Viktor Stepanov. In a word, as an actress and as a woman without love I can’t imagine myself. ” And to the question of whether she considers herself a happy person, Udovichenko replies: “In the profession, yes, in life - no. Thank God, the profession somehow compensates. ”

Today she doesn't like answering questions about her personal life. In this regard, she says: “Yes, I am capable of sacrifice for the sake of love. But first of all it concerns my daughter. Only a mother's love for her child is true ... And everything else is love, joy. This is no longer love. "

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