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'I have lived for 29 years. The last 6,5 are in hell ': why Valentina Gaft's daughter committed suicide



After the death of Valentin Gaft, the public learns more and more unexpected details about the life of his family, writes

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12 December not gone the most famous Soviet and Russian actor Valentin Gaft. Not long before this, the artist celebrated his 85th birthday. For years he suffered from severe Parkinson's disease, did not walk, did not speak, and suffered the consequences of a stroke.

Valentin Iosifovich was buried by his third wife Olga Ostroumova and her children from past marriages, whom Gaft considered relatives.

It so happened that the actor had many problems in relations with his own children. He first saw his son Vadim Nikitin when the heir was no longer just an adult, but a mature man.

The illegitimate son of Valentin Gaft. Screenshot: Russia 1 / YouTube

The fact is that Vadim's mother, artist Elena Nikitina, learned about her pregnancy from the actor after breaking up with him. She did not want to burden Gaft with obligations, so she quietly gave birth, and soon emigrated with her child to Brazil.

Vadim was unable to attend his father's funeral due to the pandemic. The 49-year-old man regrets very much that he was almost not close to his father.

But Valentin Iosifovich doted on the lawful daughter Olga! Despite the fact that in the early years of his parenthood, Gaft was not yet the most sought-after and wealthy actor, he tried to give the heiress all the best. And after that he began to present her with the most expensive gifts.

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True, all this did not bring Olga happiness. Much more she wanted to be a star. And also, so that mom and dad are together - or at least live peacefully.

Housemates have repeatedly witnessed the sentimental scenes of the family. Gaft and his wife Inna Eliseeva had a scandal from the very first days of their life together: at least because at first the artist earned little, and Inna was a representative of a wealthy family and got used to a completely different way of life.

The couple divorced when Olya was only seven years old. Inna did her best to protect her daughter from communicating with her father - although they still managed to meet. According to the recollections of neighbors, sometimes Eliseeva even locked her daughter in the apartment when she left somewhere - although then Olga was quite an adult girl!

Today it is no longer a secret for anyone that Gaft's daughter committed suicide in the early 29s, when she was only XNUMX years old.

For many years Olga suffered from depression due to lack of fulfillment. She dreamed of following in her father's footsteps and becoming an actress, but acquaintances in theatrical circles convinced Gaft that a girl should not associate her life with cinema, they say, she does not have so much talent to become a sought-after artist.

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Then Olga entered the ballet school, but even then failure awaited - they did not want to release her on stage. Then the daughter of a celebrity disaccustomed to a ballet dance director and resigned herself to her more ordinary level of life.

Fortunately, there was joy in Olga's life that made her feel happy. She was long and mutually in love with one young man and made big plans for their joint future.

However, Inna Eliseeva was against this union for various (and rather far-fetched) reasons. So much so that she literally exhausted her daughter with her claims and reproaches, and began to totally control her any actions.

“It's hard for me to talk about it. Everything that happened is very unfair to my smart and beautiful girl. I don't want to figure out what happened there. I'm sure the ex-wife is to blame for everything. We often met with Olenka, and she complained to me that her mother did not give her rest. So she hounded him, ”Gaft shared soon after the death of his daughter.

If you believe the confessions of a close friend of Valentin Iosifovich, the conflict between mother and daughter reached such a point that the woman even sent Olga to a clinic for the mentally ill!

“She took Olga to a mental hospital, although she was completely normal. Olya was under stress all the time. Inna removed her boyfriend, and she committed suicide. A normal guy whom she wanted to marry, ”the woman said.

Olga hanged herself. Her body was discovered by her mother.

After examining the scene, the police found two suicide notes written by the ballerina's hand. One is addressed to the mother: in it Olga says goodbye to everyone, and also speaks rather unflatteringly about her father, who has forgotten about them. The second message is for a lover, who, according to some sources, was an elderly Moscow symphony orchestra conductor (in general, Eliseeva lived with him, but shortly before the tragedy, the man went on tour, and the woman moved to her mother).

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The site МК Olga's suicide note was published, which she addressed to her loved one.

"So that is all! I made up my mind. Nothing will bring me back to the path of truth, and I can't stand living in hell anymore (I couldn't stand it already), ”the girl writes in her last letter.

In the note, Olga talks a lot about love for a man and pain that she cannot survive.

“I have lived for 29 years. Of these, 20 are happy, and the last 6,5 are in hell. If you met me then. I'm finishing. I feel very bad, cold and scared. I want to break free, I want to live, but someone clung to my left shoulder and haunted! Just think how much happiness I missed and, therefore, I will miss the rest. To know what happiness is and not receive it is hell and torment. And nothing can be done. "

Valentin Gaft learned about the death of his daughter on his birthday.

By the way, there is information that Gaft himself considered his daughter the only person who disinterestedly loved him. At least that's what Anastasia Volochkova says, who became close 4 years before his death against the background of her passion for literature. The ballerina assures: Valentin Iosifovich's relatives hardly looked after him and did not follow his deteriorating health.

“He said that his relatives were dishonest people. All they wanted was his money. He said that no one cares about him. It was not clear to me why people who are feeding cannot buy him bed linen, a blanket and a mattress, ”Volochkova said.

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