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'I cried, looking in the mirror': 62-year-old Sharon Stone told how she learned to accept age


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Sharon Stone starred for the cover of the latest issue of the German magazine Vogue and gave the publication an interview in which she talked about how she managed to accept her own aging and how many years it took to recover from a stroke, writes "".

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“When I was over forty, at some point I went to the bathroom with a bottle of wine, locked the door and told myself that I would not go out until I fully accept my changed body,” Sharon admitted.

“I started to cry at the slightest sign of aging of the body and face, looking at myself in a magnifying mirror. But the truth is that you are not completely powerless and can make attempts to slow down this process if you pull yourself together, eat discipline and do a lot of physical exercises. ”

In addition to the effects of the natural aging process, Sharon has faced serious health problems. At the age of 43, the actress suffered a stroke, after which it took several years to recover.

“I could not remember many people at all. You feel strange in your own life. It took me two years for me to be able to speak and see again. I stuttered, and I had real vision problems, I did not feel my knee. Some medications helped me a lot, and yet it took me almost seven years to fully restore my memory.

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Stone is one of the few actresses who do not abuse the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists and quite calmly accept the fact of their aging. The actress talked about the methods that personally help her to keep herself in shape and store energy.

“I feel a surge of vitality and energy in me when I dance. I do not mean occasionally dancing. No, I take my soul in dance for at least three or four evenings a week. It helps to keep fit and energizes.

I also support sleep mode by not curling windows. Now I get up at 8 am, and not at noon, ”said the star.

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