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I stopped doing manicure in salons and save $ 1000 per year


Source: Go Banking Rates

Before, I always did my manicure in the salon - it was convenient, high quality and beautiful. But one day I decided to calculate how much I spent annually on manicure and pedicure, and realized that it was time for a change. Now I am saving over $ 1000 a year simply by not visiting beauty salons and getting my nails done on my own.

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Jaqueline Schimmel spoke about her own experience of saving on salon procedures for publication Go Banking Rates.

Salon of services is not a cheap pleasure

I spent $ 42 ($ 35 + $ 7 for procedure and varnish) twice a month doing gel manicure in the salon. Forty-two dollars multiplied by 24 visits per year was $ 1,008. In addition, every second time I also did a pedicure for $ 30 ($ 25 + $ 5). Thirty dollars for 12 visits per year - and here's an additional $ 360 in expenses per year. It is easy to calculate what it turns out: only manicure and pedicure took $ 1,368 a year from me. I decided that this money could be spent on something else.

Home manicure makes a big difference

Having bought varnishes and tools, I was able to learn how to do both procedures at home. A bottle of salon-grade varnish costs $ 10. Buying different shades, basecoats and finishes, I spend about $ 100 a year. Plus about $ 100 more for tools - nail clippers, a pedicure bath, cuticle cream, nail files, and so on. I still go to the pedicure salon at the beginning of flip-flop season as well as mid-summer ($ 30 twice a year = $ 60). But apart from these two salon procedures, I do the rest myself.

  • To: 1,368 dollars per year
  • Now: 260 dollars per year
  • Saving: 1,108 dollars
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Bonus: what I like about home manicure

Aside from saving, I came to the conclusion that there are other reasons why I choose a home procedure.

I can change the color of lacquer because I wanted to

If I had visited the nail salon, I would have to walk for weeks with varnish of the same color. Now, when my nails grow back, if I want to choose a different color, I just take a jar of nail polish remover, wipe my nails and cover them with the shade I want.

My nails are healthy

Everyone who has done a gel manicure at least once knows how traumatic the procedure can be - all these electric files, ultraviolet lamps, aggressive solvents ... In addition, nails were completely deprived of the opportunity to receive oxygen for several weeks. As a result, they, of course, thinned, became dry and brittle. To hide this horror, I had to go for a gel manicure again - this is such a vicious circle.

It was difficult to stop “making the gel” because the nails looked bad without it. But over time, healthy nails, gradually growing back, replaced the damaged areas. Now my nails have fully recovered and look great on their own, without gel polish. And now I have the opportunity to leave my nails uncovered for several days, every time I want them to “breathe”.

I saw sets for gel manicure at home, available in beauty stores, but I have no desire to buy them. Now that I have learned to do everything myself, I am very pleased with the simple, inexpensive home procedure that I can perform whenever I want. If you find that taking care of yourself makes a tangible gap in the budget, try some of the procedures yourself. You may be surprised by the variety of opportunities and the amount that can be saved.

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