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'I love!': 73-year-old Alibasov announced the pregnancy of his 31-year-old masseuse


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The founder of the Na-Na group, Bari Alibasov, is expecting a child from his masseuse Victoria. The musician wrote about this on Instagram under a video in which he hugs a 31-year-old woman. According to lawyer Alexander Benkhin, after a divorce from Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, the producer plans to marry a new lover, writes "".


Producer Bari Alibasov, married to actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, will again become a father. The child will be presented to the 73-year-old musician by his young assistant and masseuse Victoria. Alibasov wrote about this on Instagram.

"I like! We will have a baby soon! I didn’t know that at 73 you can love stronger and brighter than at 17. Vika, thank you for appearing in my life! " - shared the artist under the video in which he hugs a 31-year-old mistress.

In previous posts, Alibasov has repeatedly shown videos with Victoria's participation - on some she gives the producer a massage, and on others she performs a belly dance in revealing outfits.

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“What could be better than Vicky's massage? Only Vika herself! "," Belly dance from my assistant and masseuse Vika to the song "Faina" of the group "Na-Na", "Today Vika said that impotence does not exist," - this is how Alibasov signed posts with the participation of a woman.

The producer's subscribers criticized him for exposing his personal life and accused him of another attempt to remind himself of himself with the help of a scandal.

"We are waiting for a new program from Malakhov or Borisov", "Old stump", "And how about Shukshin?", "Now there will be a million airs again", "You are our loving one", "It's a pity that talents are wasted, and at such a venerable age it stops to have respect for yourself due to cheap hype, "- wrote users in the comments.

The musician's son Bari Alibasov Jr. said that he had agreed with his father not to discuss this information for the next two days. At the same time, he expressed confidence that his father's mistress only needs his money and fame. For this reason, Alibasov's son hired a lawyer Alexander Benkhin, and he hired a private detective Ernest Aslanyan to work. According to Benkhin, Alibasov has recently lost his vigilance and needs help from outside.

“Yes, I confirm that Bari Karimovich decided to publicize his relationship with 31-year-old Victoria. I exclusively inform you that, according to my information, the marriage with Shukshina will be terminated on December 9, and in January Alibasov Sr. is planning to marry his new chosen one! " Benhin said.

He stressed that Alibasov's son opposes the new relationship of his father and is trying to convince him to marry a new lover.

“Bari Jr. hired me to carry out a lawyer's investigation and find out who really is his father's“ bride ”. Ernest and I are now actively engaged in this. Details will soon be on the air of leading federal channels, ”Benkhin said.

According to "", Alibasov expressed his intention to name him "Covid" if it is a boy, or "Pandemic" if a girl is born.

“He noted that the sex of the child is not yet known,” said Vadim Gorzhankin, PR director of Alibasov.

"She, of course, was surprised at the proposal to name the unborn child Covid or Pandemic, but she did not refuse," he explained Victoria's position.

Gorzhankin clarified that the choice of the name was made by Alibasov not by chance.

"Unlike many artists, the famous producer sees new ways and opportunities in everything, even in the coronavirus pandemic," said the PR director.

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Now Alibasov is in the process of divorcing Fedoseeva-Shukshina after two years of marriage. The artist decided to part with her husband because of the machinations with her living space in New Moscow, which he copied to his assistant Sergei Motsar. Recently Fedoseeva-Shukshina turned to the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, with a request to check Alibasov's operations with her apartment for fraud. The head of the department instructed his employees to organize the appropriate procedure.

"In connection with the appeal of actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina about possible illegal actions with her real estate, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin instructed the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the city of Moscow to organize a pre-investigation check," the text of the official message on the website of the Investigative Committee says.

Also Fedoseeva-Shukshina asked to check the actions of the assistant producer Mozar, who took part in the events that unfolded around the transfer of the apartment to the producer.

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