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'I almost cried!': The groom was waiting for the bride at the wedding, but she didn’t appear behind him


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The groom was waiting for the bride to come out to him. But the wedding dress was not his girlfriend (and not a girl at all).

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The man was looking forward to turning around and seeing his bride for the first time in a wedding outfit, but it wasn’t there. Before him was not his girlfriend, but a completely different man in a white dress. The meeting turned out to be unexpected, but the groom is only glad to her, writes Medialeaks.

American Billy Hunt from South Charleston (West Virginia, USA) hired a cameraman to shoot his wedding video on the eve of the wedding ceremony itself - 24 August. In the footage taken at Little Creek Park, the groom had to stand surrounded by flowers and trees in anticipation of his bride.

The camera was supposed to capture the very moment when Billy first saw his beloved in a wedding dress. The sun was shining, and Billy, dressed in a dark blue three-piece suit, put on sunglasses until his girlfriend arrived. Finally, a signal was given that the bride was coming.

The groom, hoping that he would be photographed with his future wife in the background, took off his glasses and turned away so as not to spoil his surprise. But he hardly thought he would be so surprised.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Caters Clips

Billy hit him hard on the shoulder, and when he turned around, his best friend Pat Jones stood in front of him.

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After a brief numbness, a couple of friends hugged and burst into uncontrollable laughter. Billy fell to the ground laughing, and declared:

"I'm going to cry! And I thought I would pay when I see my bride! ”, The groom admitted.

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Photo: video frame YouTube / Caters Clips

The fact is that beloved Billy decided to give the groom a real surprise and conspired with Pat. She helped the guy change into a wedding dress on the floor and even got a hair ornament.

All the time that Billy spent waiting for the bride, Pat minced her behind the groom. I must say that Andrew Craig Stevens, the man who was filming what was happening on camera, showed remarkable endurance. He told the Daily Mail that he was not involved in the idea at all.

“We weren't involved in this. It was the bride's idea, ”said the operator.

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Photo: video frame YouTube / Caters Clips

When Pat appeared behind Billy, dressed in a white dress and showing two thumbs, the operator clearly had a difficult time.

“I tried to stay calm so as not to give him away and take an even shot,” he says.

However, the video still ended with a classic love story. After all, when Billy calmed down, he was invited to stand up again and wait for the arrival of his beloved. This time she did not fail.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Caters Clips

When the prank video was posted on the Always Hope Creative Facebook page, it delighted people. The drawing of the bride and friend of the groom scored more than 120 thousand likes. Indeed, this video has everything: love, friendship, intrigue and a very happy ending.

You can verify this by watching the entire video:

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