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'I would have forgiven him': Valeria Meladze’s ex-wife told about treason, son Janabaeva and divorce


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Ex-wife Valeria Meladze admitted that the divorce forced her to rethink her own life. Irina tried to save the marriage to the last, and even after breaking up was ready to forgive her husband. Now the former wife of the artist is happy and does not regret the past.

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In 2009, the whole country was discussing Valery Meladze’s secret affair with Albina Janabayeva, who suddenly became public, writes StarHit. Then the fans had no idea that the relationship of the musician with his wife Irina had long been cracked, and the family idyll was just an illusion. The singer officially divorced and began a new life, but his ex-husband went into the shadows, only occasionally commenting on his personal drama.

Now the former wife of Meladze can calmly discuss those events, but ten years ago she was eaten by heartache. Irina could not understand how the relationship in which she was dissolved without residue, suddenly collapsed.

In the air of the program “Fate of a Man”, the ex-spouse of the artist admitted that in her youth she did not immediately become inflamed with feelings towards Meladze.

“We met for a while, then I started a different relationship. Only a couple of years later Valera and I decided to be together again, and then get married. Then I frankly told him: “I don’t love you yet, but I will be able to love you in the future”. And so it happened, ”- said Irina.

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Ahead of lovers waited a lot of tests. Their firstborn, born in 1990, passed away after 10 days. Then the musician's wife was heartbroken, so she could not bury the child.

“I needed to do this. It was necessary to let him go. As a result, the boy was buried by Valera, but for me this door remained forever open, ”said Irina.

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Soon the first daughter of the spouses Inga was born, then two more heirs were born. Irina fully focused on family responsibilities, while Valery made a brilliant career on stage. He was always surrounded by admiring women, but the former spouse could not even imagine that Meladze would begin another life.

“I began to guess about two years before the final break. Felt that something bad is happening. Valera refused to talk, although I tried to find out the reason for the changes in his behavior. And once he just broke down and told everything, but did not name her. For me, it was a shock. Later I found out from a friend that it was Albina Janabaeva. For me, the news was a surprise. Of course, I knew Albin, but I could not even assume that she already had a son from Valera, ”Irina shared her memories.

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The next few months, the legal wife Meladze tried to save the marriage. She hid family discord from children and even wanted to meet with Janabaeva personally, but the mistress refused.

“I have never seen a rival in it, and to this day I don’t see. At that moment I just began to beg God to burn out this love from my heart, to erase Valera from there. Otherwise, I simply would not be able to live, and I have children, ”the ex-spouse of the star shared.

Despite the fact that the wound of betrayal was very deep, Irina was considering the possibility of preserving the family. She tried to return the old relationship, but at some point, let go of the situation.

“In the first months I thought that there could be no forgiveness. But love is such a strange thing. I think if he had returned at first, I would have forgiven him, of course, ”Irina is sure.

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After the divorce, the former wife Meladze was worth a lot of effort to establish normal communication with him. She immediately decided that she could not completely strike Valery out of her life for the sake of the children, because the daughters are very much attached to her father. Now the heiress of the musician communicate with him perfectly. They often spend together family holidays and vacations.

“Recently, the girls met her brother, the son of Valera. I saw that for him it was a sore subject, that he needed it. That is why we sat down and talked. So, the daughters communicate with the brother, but not with Albina. For girls, this is a closed topic, a taboo, ”the ex-spouse of the artist emphasized.

Irina herself is grateful to God for sending such a test to her. She considers a divorce from Meladze a turning point in her own fate. It was after parting with her husband in her life came religion. Now Irina is engaged in self-improvement and self-knowledge.

“I could sleep or hang myself, but I didn't do it. I would not delete a single fragment from my biography. In the end, now I treat Valera very well, we communicate and, I hope, this will continue in the future, ”concluded the artist’s former wife.

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