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'Stop feeding children': Vitorgan was hounded for the appearance of his daughters



Some of Vitorgan's subscribers said that the artist's children look too plump, writes

Photo Shoot: emmanuil_vitorgan / Instagram

Emmanuel Vitorgan loves his charming daughters - Ethel and Clara. The actor and his wife Irina often share photos of the babies. Surprisingly, cute photos of babies cause not only a sea of ​​delight among loyal fans, but also a tough attack from haters.

Often in the comments under the next post of Vitorgan, a real battle unfolds. The artist's recent publication was no exception to this rule.

The actor shared a snapshot of his wife and children. Irina, sitting in a swimsuit on a chaise longue, holds Ethel and Clara on her lap. Clara, like her mother, wears a swimsuit, and Ethel is posing in swimming trunks.

The reason for the indignation of the haters was Ethel's appearance. They thought the girl was "too fat."

“Doesn't it bother you that the girl is already obese? Why feed it like that? "," Children are obese "," You need to limit your diet, "- the commentators were angry.

Photo Shoot: emmanuil_vitorgan / Instagram

However, Vitorgan did not have to make excuses, loyal fans stood up to protect his family.

“Children of different body sizes are, how not ashamed to write such things”, “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror for a long time ?! The little ones are adorable ”,“ How is conscience enough to write such things? And what right do you have to give advice? Are you a pediatrician? ”, - the fans of the family are outraged.

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